Tonsillectomy and lymphoma

My husband had a tonsillectomy today (right only) by ENT surgeon due to swollen tonsil and sleep apnea.    She is leaning toward lymphoma since it was smooth, non ulcerative and soft.    I am a breast cancer survivor, and very freaked out about this type of cancer.   Helps to know this group has survivors.    He is 62 and had absolutely no other signs except the tonsil (for less than 2 months).   Thoughts and advice?  THank you.



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    Too early!

    Only a biopsy can yield a positive lymphoma diagnosis. It is an uncomfortable wait, but assuming your husband does have lymphoma, there are so many varieties that there is unfortunately not much to say before the pathology report on that tonsil is out. Then, by all means, do come back for advice and support.

    Until then, I wish you patience, and hope for a false alarm.