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Surgeon's History of Surgeries

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Is there a website that shows what type and how many surgeries a surgeon has peformed?

Old Salt
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At least to my knowledge, such a site doesn't exist for the USA.

What is available in some areas (Washington DC is one of them), are websites offered by Consumers' Checkbook. One off-shoot is a site that lists surgical outcomes:


I am pretty sure that you do have to become a member if you want to get the info.

PS: another source of this kind of info is in this earlier post: csn.cancer.org/node/308651

Perhaps more importantly, you can ask your urologist how many prostatectomies he has performed, open or robotic (whatever applies). Don't be bashful!

hopeful and opt...
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You may also ask  the urologistto tell  what his surgical margin is.

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A site called Surgeons Scorecard kept track of hospitals' records of complications and number of prostastectomies performed by surgeons, but it looks like the site has not been updated since 2015. You go on the site, input your area hospitals, and click on prostate removal in the surgery menu, and color coded charts come up showing the rate of complications for that hospital. 

It lists other surgery types as well, but I don't think it tracked radiation or other procedures besides surgery.



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