Eight Week Update

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I got blood test results back today from eight weeks after surgery. Units are Australian. I'm not sure who's system we copy. Probably UK or Europe.

Urea 8.1 mmol/L (3.0 - 8.5)

Creatinine 109 umol/L (60 - 140)

eGFR 66 mL/min (over 59)

Haemoglobin 132 g/L (135 - 180)

The Hb is the only result that is (just) outside the normal range, but this seems to be normal after a large transfusion. The doc thought it was good. I lost enough blood that my troponin level was raised which (I think) means that my heart was not getting enough oxygen. No damage done, though.

Actually my cholesterol is high but I don't care too much. The doc thinks I am crazy. He gave me the 'evidence based medicine' talk. I would like my triglycerides to be lower though. I'll see if I can improve things for my next visit in three months.

He did not request the HbA1c test and said I have no diabetes... Very interesting...

I'm hoping the eGFR improves over the coming months, but I think 66 is ok.

After eight weeks and four days I feel fully recovered. I will continue to be careful physically, especially with lifting. But my energy levels are normal and I have no more than slight discomfort. I feel exactly as I did before the surgery.

My first Urology follow up is on Monday.





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    Awesome News

    Those numbers look great!!  And it's even better that you feel great!!

    I have read studies that show the danger in actually taking a cholesterol reducing medication and its contribution to Alzheimers.  I think your on the right track with dietary changes to improve your triglycerides.  Clearly you know what you are doing since the diabetes is gone.

    Let us know how things go on Monday!!

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    in a couple years this whole experience will only be a footnote in your bio. You've cruised through nephrectomy like a champ. Nice example for others. Nephrectomy for me seems like a million years ago. After a few weeks I was back doing everything I wanted. Never even think about it. You won't either.

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    Those numbers look really good!  A GFR of 66 with only one kidney is great. 

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    Congratulations on your report

    That you for posting your reports..I am not far behind and happy to hear your good news

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    Great report and yes GFR 66

    Great report and yes GFR 66 with just one kidney is very good. I also refused to take cholesterol meds and prefer to use diet and exercise to control things. I have no other risks for heart disease so no way am I taking drugs that aren't proven to do anything except make big pharma richer. They keep lowering the "acceptable" limit. At that rate everyone will be on statins. Okay, off my soap box now. Continue to improve and happy to hear you're doing so well.

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    Great news...

    That's great news, Steve. It won't be long before the main reminder of your surgery will be when you catch a glimpse of your scar and think, "Oh? Yeah..." 

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    I think....

    the medical system is universal worldwide (metric), and you have fabulous results on your labs.  Way to go.

    Mostly, I look upon cancer as something that affects others.  And then someone I know asks, "How are you doing?" with a tone of voice that says I know you had cancer and went thru hell and back.  So I reply, "Thanks, I'm doing great/OK/Fine, and the last dr. visit or labs or CT was NED; and he/she will see me in 6 months."  That's when you are forced to recall some of the other stuff.  Like Fox's DON't Go to the LIGHT remembrance.

    That made me think long and hard, as I was pretty close myself following my third surgery for cancer in 2008.  The anesthesia I was given didn't wear off or dissapate as anticipated.  After transfer to a post surgical room, and as I was informed later, my vitals on the machine at the nurses station started to drop way off.  I then became aware of a blue hazy light around me and people working on all parts of my body.  Eventually they left me alone and shut up---that's when they had finished injecting stimulants to counter the anesthetic, and felt I was out of crisis and could remove the Crash Cart.  That was my Code Blue episode.

    My neighbor was at one time, Chief of nursing and was then, the Head of Risk Management.  She got all my files for me and was able to explain what happened to cause that blue haze.  I'm glad I didn't have to go as far as Fox did, but his tale sure did put me back in the hospital bed, fighting to live.

    Let's only have good memories from here on.


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    Great labs!

    Great labs!

    I am glad to see that you have a good lab report! May you continue to feel well.  Best wishes!

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    Great Numbers

    Steve, congrats those are really good numbers.   I havent surpassed a GFR of 60 since I had two kidneys over three years ago.  Good on ya.



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    Thanks everyone

    for your good wishes.

    Donna Lee, I know what you mean. Technically I am a cancer 'survivor' but now I don't feel like I ever had it. (But I also have no bad stuff to recall.)


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    Very happy for you

    Very happy for you

  • Steve.Adam
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    foroughsh said:

    Very happy for you

    Very happy for you

    Thanks Foroughsh

    I hope you are also doing well. :-)


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    Back from Urologist

    All is well. First follow up ct scan on June 17.


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    Congratulations on the good

    Congratulations on the good news, waiting for more.


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    YAY Steve!!

    Isn't the human body amazing?  And how far medicine has come in a relative short amount of time too.  Crazy!  It's also kind of crazy to utter the words "cancer survivor" isn't it?  I mean, I find myself with a sort shocked feeling inside when the topic comes up.  In my head I'm like, oh yea, I guess I am.  LOL