Thank You seems Inadequate

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I have just  finished the Preliminary Surgery Scheduling and Insurance paperwork for Surgery April 17th for Left Kidney Removal. In my first Post I detailed the finding as Incidental to Herniated Disc. As I cannot do as much Physically as I would want because of Sciatttica pain. I have been reading past Forum Posts. The education I have gotten from the Community is incalculable. I have gotten far and will continue reading them up til the end of posts or surgery date. As a newbie I should have read more of the Posts than I did when joining with a Post to better understand this Community. I am gonna follow an unknown path with this Cancer. But it seems that this path has been blazed by many caring people before me that I just met. I just wanted to say thank you to you all it eases the waiting.


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    Stay positive, stay focused.

    Stay positive, stay focused. This message board is a great place. We all have either been thru.....or in my case have a loved one that has been thru it and there is so much knowledge to be tapped into here.

    best wishes to you on the 17th. Keep us posted on how well you will be doing in the days and weeks afterwards.

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    Awww. That was a very nice

    Awww. That was a very nice message, Retcenturion. We are here to support, vent, inquire and learn! This is a special group. Glad you joined us.

    Please keep us posted!



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    Thank you for the thank you

    Retcenturion... that handle is a mouthful I think.  When I joined CSN I read every post too.  Took a few days, and that was a couple of years ago.  I too found the information here helpful, hopeful, and just plain good.  Your surgery date is not far off, and my advice for you is to RELAX.  Perhaps a silly word to you right now, but look at all of us here.... we all went through the same thing, and we are all okay.  When you are recooperating be sure to let us know how you are doing... I certainly will send my good Karma out on your surgery day. 




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    The amount of support and

    The amount of support and knowledge that we are tapping into is unbelievable and very comforting to say the least.  I too was overwhelmed with the Incidental finding after I herniated a couple of discs...jeez that word will forever erk me some how..."incidental" ...ha! Your surgery date is closer than mine...I have been trying to keep busy while I nurse my back pain but it sure has been a challenge.  I totally sympathize! Hang in there! I have learned more from this forum than from my actual Dr. who gave me the news of "renal cell carcinoma".  So with that knowledge and comfort of knowing that most likely I shall have a good prognosis once my right kidney is removed...I am sure you will be in the same boat! InnocentSmile

    Best of luck on your surgery date! Keep us posted. Sending good vibes!!!


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    I agree

    Hi retcenturion (what does that mean?),

    I also feel grateful and thankfull to everyone here. All my questions were answered here. I mean the general questions related to my situation. I skipped a meeting prior to surgery because I had no questions left for the Urologist.

    But mostly it was very calming hearing from fellow travellers who had walked the path before me.


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    It's nice to have support

    It's nice to have support from friends and family but it really isn't quite the same as support from people who have been there. Love this forum and everyone on it. Best of luck on your surgery and a speedy recovery!

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    Great info...

    Great info and great folks here, for sure. Glad you found us, sorry you have a reason to be here, though.

    The good news about your surgery is, the medical folks taking care of you do the hard work, you just let the anesthesia do its thing and snooze. When you wake up, it's done and your only "hard" work is walking to help get the $@&+ carbon dioxide out of your innards. That, and napping. 

    The bad news about your surgery is, what with it happening the day after Easter and on account of your surgery prep, you'll have to leave off eating any eggs or candy for a few days, but that's about it.