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bladder cancer at 23yrs old

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hi all.

i have not long been diagnosed with bladder cancer but they havnt done any test to prove other then a visual look inside my bladder,

off that visual look they have said that i have a very large tumour, my question is, is there a big enough differnce in the look of a tumour to tell wether they are benign or cancerous?

have done some reshearch but i am yet to find anyone at all that is around my age {23} with or had an experiance with bladder cancer, proving to be very difficult for reliable info as i dont think i can relate to the avarage age for this type of cancer which is 65.


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I think you should see more other family doctors to check if you[re really cancer, the diagnosis is very important, if the family doctor is not familier with your disease, he may diagnosis you as cancer, since definition of cancer is so broad and blurry. A cancer doctor probably only cure cancer, he won't tell you if you're another disease.

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hi , I'm sorry to hear about ur cancer at such a young age, Recently I for about a month now I have been having frequent urination and urgency and mild lower back pain no blood in urine that I now of I have had a uraylsis 3 times and no blood in urine my only symptoms are frequency of urine and lower back pain with pressure in bladder area when pressing down in that area.. I was wondering what were your early symptoms?

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You need to see a urologist. Whoever performed the scope that showed a large tumor should have biopsied.

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You need to get on this, get it biopsied, get second opinions do all of the above, but don't wait. Time is not something you will want to mess with here, for some this disease can progress fast. Your very young for bladder cancer, but don't drag your feet on getting things started and taken care of quickly. 

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