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Hi All--

Does anyone have any experience with ProstRcision?  Apparently it's Low Dose brachytherapy with permanent seed implantation plus external beam radiation.  They claim impressive results and have a lot of data to mine to suggest possible outcomes.   I'm scheduled for a robotic RP but am checking into alternatives.  Also looking into CyberKnife, but need to dfetermine if BCBS will cover it.


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    Not familiar with it . . .

    Not familiar with it but not sure why you'd need 2 forms of radiation treatment unless the 1st treatment fails.  Also, if I were going to choose brachytherapy (BT), I'd go w/HDR (high dose rate) BT over LDR (low dose rate) BT because it avoids problems associated with the placement of the radioactive seeds in the prostate.  CyberKnife (CK) was also modeled after HDR BT and would be preferable to HDR BT if available.

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    BCBS AZ covered Cyberknife but don't know your state or plan

    Andy Grove, back in mid-90s chose seed implants, but not permanent ones, he received treatment weekly I think, old Forbes article in '96 chronicles his experience.  With the HDR methods available today (which were not available in '95), I would certianly recommend checking those options out.  I am happy with my cyberknife experience.