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Struggling to get a grip...

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Hi, I am writing on this forum in the hope to get some answers to my questions after I was told that have about 1 cm lump in my left kidney.

I saw my GP for very frequent urination, 20-30 times /day in August- sept 2016. It was so bad that I was feeling nausea as soon as I had a little urine in my bladder. My urine was smelling foul but I thought it is just due to vitamin D pills that I take because I had border line vit D lab values and I was felling less tired when I took it! I went to the GP in Nov 2016 and he found blood in my urine. Also a culture of the urine came negative excluding UTI. I was referred to Urologist. Urologist did cystoscopi in Dec. The Bladder looked ok and he sent me for a CT scan. CT scan was perormed on 24 Jan and the "incidental finding " of 1 cm big growth was reported. The radiologist recommended to follow up with the ultra sound and MRI in order to characterize what exactly this change is.

ultra sound was done on 7 March, and thereafter I was contacted by the doctor on phone, who told me that it is too early to say or do anything and they will call me back for another scan in Sept (6 months after the ultrasound) and then will decide what to do. 

Surprisingly the doctor did not do any chest Xray. The latest blood work done in March is ok. Abdomen CT scan reports lump in left kidney, no remarks on any other organs. 

But my prolem is that I have pain in my lower back and am so fatigued that it really interferes with my daily work. Also I have pain in my Groin, and arm pits although I feel no enlarged lymph nodes All the doctors I have seen say that the lower back pain and fatigue are not related to "kidney finding"". I also have a lot of hair loss. 

Now when I look back so I can see that I had a similar frequent urination episode in 2014 and have been having fatigue off and on since Sept 2014! I also started loosing hair around that time which continues until today. I saw the G P (I changed GP during this time as I was not feeling they are giving me proper attention) several times, all the blood work they did times and again came ok. But not sure if they ever checked my urine, do not remember to have even  mentioned it to the doctor, as the frequent urination was coming and going. I was also blaming too much tea drinking!

My question are:

Was fatigue one of the symptoms at the time /prior to your diagnosis? Does it get better any time? what to expect during this wanting period of 6 months. any advice how to keep myself positive :-(

should not a chest X-ray be done?

Thanks for listening to my story







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