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9 days since surgery

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Grandma hiker
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well, I'm 9 days in and doing pretty well. I walked around the neighborhood this beautiful spring morning for almost an hour. There is just one place on my stomach giving me problems. There is an incision between the one by my belly button and the one on my right side where they took out my kidney. Maybe there is a muscle there that was cut or something?  or maybe I'm just expecting too much. 

Anyway hope you all have a calm nice weekend.


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It sounds like you are doing well. Tiredness was the limiting factor for me. I walked slower but needed a rest or a nap when I got home. I don't remember any pains, as such, but there are a couple of spots (muscle) that feel tender after a walk (8 weeks since neph.).

I hope you're having a nice weekend.


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Did you have open sergrey? Tell us More ...It took me almost 3 months to recover...Almost 2 years still I don't feel normal my doctor says it's a huge sergrey they cut you open in time evry thing will get better

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Hi Ellen! Yes, your insides and area where surgeon "cut" are swollen as they are trying to heal. There is one incision that may be larger where he pulled out the kidney. I put ice on that part for awhile. That is why you must be very carful lifting, carrying things or exercising while this healing is going on. One of the biggest mistakes some of us make is when we start to feel up to it, we walk or move more and push ourselves. Your body will ache and even spasm if you are doing too much. After all, Ellen, its ONLY 9 days!

REST AND RECOVER!! Use ice and be very careful.

Sending you gentle, healing hugs,


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Grandma hiker
Posts: 7
Joined: Mar 2017

i guess I am being a little impatient.  The other 7 incisions don't bother me hardly at all, it's just the one. I just need to chill out and be patient. I guess I should consider myself very lucky. Thanks to all for your support.


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