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Scan results are in...

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After finishing my husbands 40th chemo treatment the Dr. gave us the news.  After a year and a half on continuous chemo a few nodes (mets) have grown.  Good news is not by much.  One was a size 5 mm, now 7.5 mm and another was 4.5mm and now 5.5mm.  These nodes layed dormant for so long and now there is some activity.  The Dr. wants him to stay on Folfori w/Avastin.  We will just keep an eye on this.  One node is in the upper left lung and the other is in the right lower.  I sure hope this is not the sign that the chemo will stop working!  Will be anxious until the next scan 3 months from now.

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I wouldn't be too quick to declare the mets to be growing.  The size differences you're talking about between the two scans is within the margin of error of a CT scanner.  CT scanners take slices or samples as it images an area of your body.  Those slices have a set thickness which is around 2.5mm depending on the CT scanner you're using.  Also there is some small variability in how your husband lines up in the scanner which can create some variation.  I'm surprised your doctor didn't mention any of this to you.

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He did mention this could be a possiblility.  Sure hope nothing is happening.

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I hope zx10guy is correct, that would be a relief!

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