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Got Surgery Date

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April 17th is the day.  I remembered Calvin & Hobbes when he says I think nightime is dark so you can imagine your fears with less distractions. I am now laser focused. I have watched the Surgical Videos to get a better understanding of whats going to happen. There are over 80 Forum pages. They are filled with compassion,knowledge and inspiring words. I have mourned friends who battled ALS,Pancreatic/Liver/lung cancers..this isn't what those were. Your posted Survivor words confirm it every day.

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May you have an uneventful and boring surgery. I would also add painless, but I would be laughed off this board.




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Thank you for your encouragement. Now working on pre op prep..papers, food,new gravity chair,comfy clothes, new music on Ipod..thinking more Grateful Dead..is it wrong? I find much comfort in their music!!

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Im sure "Touch of Grey" is first on the list!  


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It's been more than 5 years since my "big" surgery - my best advice is to get up when they tell you to, walk once they let you, and get out of the hospital as fast as you can! Then stay active!  Your recovery will be much quicker!

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Whatever makes you comfy, calm, and centered - go for it. 

The nice thing about the first days back home, post surgery, is that you can wear your rattiest tie-dye tee shirt, style your hair like Wavy Gravy's, and nobody will notice. 

Anything involving heavy lifting, see if you can do it or get it done BEFORE surgery. Because afterwards you won't be lifting much at all (and it'll drive you a wee bit crazy). 

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Im not sure if your working or not....I am not...on workers comp and focusing on physical therapy for my back injury.....so I have had the luxury in taking time to garden to get my mind off the surgery date....which seems an eternity away.  Reading is next on my list.  I hope you get to utilize your time prior to surger in doing nice calming things....and I wish you an uneventful and successfull surgery!

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Hey Bee..so glad to see that your gardening and able to relax. I was fortunate to be able to retire. Life is pretty simple here..really boring. The sciattica pain has completely turned things upside down. I am actually looking forward to get this surgery over if that sounds weird. Having searched for information and gotten some answers..its time... my wife is strong..she's ready for this too.. I did find out though..when you tell people you have Cancer...you hear from people that you haven't heard from in a long time!!

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