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Low Platelets

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My husband has Stage 4 DLBCL because it was in his bone marrow.   So far he has had 8 cycle of R-EPOCH and the bone marrow was clean but the last PET scan is now showing the lymphnodes in his abdomen is becoming enlarged again.  He is having another biospy on tomorrow to see if it is refractory. But on March 17 his platelet count was 133 and just checked it this morning and it is now 106.  Has anyone experienced this?  I'm worried that it has gotten back in his bone marrow.

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My platelets have been all over the spectrum. Before treatment I was at 185 and went down to 104 after the first R-Chop. Stayed 190 - 300 through the rest of the 5 treatments. Then I had to go through 3 cycles of RICE at Rush hospital. Every time my platelets dropped and abaout 2 or 3 days before the next treatment the count would jump to about 130. When we tried stem cell collection for a possible SCT they checked the counts before and after collection. Instead of going up doing the night they would drop more which is why we held off on the SCT. That was a year ago and the highest they have gotten is about 145. 

My oncology nurse told me this is not unusual and for some patients it can take years for blood and platlets to get back to normal. I've had none of the symptoms I had 3 years ago so I am just moving forward. I am probably going to be scheduled for a CT/PET scan around the end of April to see if I am still in remission.

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Platelets go low sometimes. Mine were much lower than the figures you mentioned. It is good that the doctors monitor this. Talk to them about it.


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