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Need advice

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I recently took radiation pill after doing low iodine diet it's been three days since I took the pill I been in my home those three days is my 5 year safe to come home I want to be sure its safe. can I prepare his foods yet? 

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Did you go back to the doctor and get scanned to see how much gamma radiation you are relaseing? Depending on how much RI you got you should be ok. no touching, kissing etc. You can stand near but no longer thatn a few seconds. You can prepare food but dont stand next to anyone. Call your doctor for everything and tripple check.


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My Tg went from 2.7 to 6.4 over 6 months. I have residual cancer in my neck for 5 years. Endo ordered chest X-ray. Is there any other explanation other than the cancer is in my lungs or somewhere else? My neck ultrasounds are stable. I’m just scared. 

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let us know


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