Nervous, surgery tomorrow afternoon

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Hi everyone!! Hope you all are doing well! I am getting anxious for my robotic laparsocpic partial nephrectomy that is taking place tomorrow. Part of me is so scared, but another part is so damn excited to get this nasty little invader out of me. I know I am good hands and just praying for a smooth surgery and a speedy recovery. Still can't believe this is my reality right now, 33 with cancer, but after tomorrow I am hoping to be cancer FREE! 



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    Hi there ambava! Sounds like

    Hi there ambava! Sounds like normal, day before surgery, anxiety. But your attitude and outlook is great! Yes, get that bugger OUT!!!

    Let us know how you are doing. I will be thinking of you and now sending you a calming dose of serenity!

    P. S. Don't forget that "gas" will get trapped probably, and it can hurt for a few days. But just keep moving around, wave your arms in circles and get it moving OUT!

    I worse a lumbar wrap around my abdomen when leaving hospital and at home. I wore it to bed. It helped me get UP from chair or bed, supporting those sore muscles. I also used dry ICE under neath the lumbar wrap, just over my pants. It helped to reduce the swelling/soreness and as a result didn't need much in pain meds.

    Healing Hugs, to you ~

    Look foward to hearing from you, Jan

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    Thank you Jan

    Thanks for the advice Jan and the dose of calming serenity, lord knows I need it! I had a c-section with my twins 3 1/2 years ago and I remember that gas pain all to well. I walked that gas right on out and waved arms etc. I didn't care how silly I looked. LOL, so plan on doing the same for this surgery. I also have a wrap, which I used during my c-section to help keep muscles in place and figured I could wear it for this surgery also. I will update as soon as I can. I can't wait to say this THING is out of me. 

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    Hi Ambava

    I'll be thinking of you too.

    Mine was 7 weeks go today and the fading scars are about the only reminder of the surgery. I feel great.

    I was nervous too but the professionalism of all the staff was a big help to me.

    See you in a few days,


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    Thanks Steve.Adam

    Thank you Steve.Adam, glad you are doing well! That is awesome! I think I am in good hands. I have a Washington University doctor who is very skilled, so I feel confident he will take good care of me along with the rest of the staff. 

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    Hi ambava

    I felt the same way.   Told dr when I went to schedule a partial that "I want it out yesterday". I just wanted it out of me! Good luck tomorrow! Walk as soon as they let you. Helps a lot and also drink a lot of water I got a fever after surgery and someone here said drink more and fever went down,.

    Best wishes and it will be over soon,


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    May you have a boring and uneventful surgey. Save the bikini for next summer.




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    Good luck! You'll do great!

    Good luck! You'll do great!

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    Free at last, Free at last...

    You got this!

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    Thank you Everyone

    Thank you all so much for the encouraging words! You all truly give me hope and help keep my faith that all of this too shall pass! d

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    ambava33 said:

    Thank you Everyone

    Thank you all so much for the encouraging words! You all truly give me hope and help keep my faith that all of this too shall pass! d


    Next week is my scans and 3yr lap. feeling pretty good , I know you will be relieved when that bugger is  out ,hope you heal fast and watch out for that does hurt ,but you are prepared for it already . Best wishes

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    Hello there! I dont blame you

    Hello there! I dont blame you for feeling anxious.  Sending you good vibes! All will go well.  May you have a successfull surgery and speedy recovery! My surgery is scheduled for 5/9/17 and I want it out tomorrow!


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    good luck!

    Good luck to you tomorrow.  Surgery is always scary. You've had 2 c-sections, this surgery will be a piece of cake. If it's robot assisted and laparoscopic, recovery will be much quicker. Pain can be controlled. Hope you have help with your little ones when you go home. My wish for you is that this will remove the cancer from your body forever.


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    Best wishes!  I had the same

    Best wishes!  I had the same surgery nine months ago, and it should go fine.  Just remember to walk when they tell you to walk.

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    All the best, you will be

    All the best, you will be fine and then let's just focus on the recovery!

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    You're going to do great. My

    You're going to do great. My wife's surgery was 19 days ago today and she is doing very well. In fact.......I just got off the phone with her and she's driving herself to a dentist appt. 

    based on our experience, getting up and walking will pay big dividends. Also being in good physical condition puts you ahead of the game as well, I believe

    good luck tomorrow and I can't wait to see you back on telling us how well you are doing.

    Boondock out!!

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    Soon it will be over

    You'll do great.  Take your time with recovery, but get up and walk as much as you feel comfortable.  It is the best remedy to cure the pain from the gas they fill you up with during surgery.  Keep us updated.


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    Stay excited

    Consider this the single most important thing you have ever done for yourself and family. Be proud of yourself. Sit back, watch and learn. Commit to full confidence in your surgical and recovery experts doing what they specialize in. Your only job is to do what you are told. you can then approach the rest of your life with an appreciation and positive outlook  that is a definite game changer. Make it great.

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    Hi ambava!

    I wasn't here yesterday to wish you well in your surgery but Im here now to wish you a good and fast recovery!  Be well and take care.

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    I made it!!

    I had surgery about 14 hours ago . It went very well. Only had to take 20% of my kidney and that was amazing news. I'm in quite a bit of pain, but that's expected. Overall though I feel wonderful knowing  the cancer is out. Thanks to everyone who prayed and wished me well. 


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    Happy you're ok

    But sorry you're in pain. I hope that lessens rapidly... Maybe you can enjoy the forced rest...

    Thank you for giving us the good news so quickly.

    All the best!