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Hernia Disc = Kidney Cancer- Incidental find

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Hello to all. I am so glad I found  This Forum on Google. I have read so many stories  this weekend that has ease some anxiety. I had to join to ease the stress

  Where to start. I am a 56 yo Male in pretty good health or so I thought. I shoveled the snow in early February and had some back pain. Nothing out of the ordinary. Two weeks later I am moving furniture and my back goes out. This is the first time for real back pain. Go to Medimerge and am give relaxants and in flammatories and told to see my GP next day. The pain had subsided and I turn down Dr offer for X-rays. For a week the pain travels from back down left leg. Searing pins and needles down left leg. Dr schedules MRI on March 16th.

  Phone call comes late  on St Pats.. The good news you have a Hernited Disc that is causing the leg pain and you start Physical Therapy ASAP. the bad news..YOU HAVE CANCER!! large mass on left kidney. I don't think I heard a word after that.

  I am scheduled for CAT scan on Thursday. Have interview with GP on Friday Morning. There is a 11x8CM mass on left kidney. Image shows no indications on Pancreas or adreanal gland. He is not sure on Lymph Nodes. He reccomends a Urologist who has expereince with my Cancer. I have ultrasound set up for tomorrow.

  My GP has seen 3 of these cases the past year..all have been  successful treatments and living normal lives. He says its going to be rough but beleives I got diagnosis early. Your long term future looks good. He has many different types of Cancer Survivors in his Practice. He says the lingering pain from Herniated should subside with PT.His calm demeanor and no sugar coating diagnosis going forward was reassuring for my wife and I. Sleeping is hard with leg pain, but awful after diagnosis.

  I am encouraged by so many of your brave stories and knowing that this isn't a Death Sentence.  I have alot of family and friends supporting me already. I think I am ready for this fight. Thank you for your information.


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Welcome glad you found us and feel some relief in knowing this is treatable and yes, people live~

Yes, it is a larger tumor, but if contained only in kidney=great news! Cancer leaves with kidney. When they remove the whole kidney, its a radical, vs a partial, where only the tumor is removed and leave the remaining kidney.

Its hard to wait, but Urologist will probably need a CT. So glad that is already being ordered. The pathology report will be the definitive answer, as to what kind or renal cancer it is and whether lymph nodes are affected. Your surgeon/Urologist will have a good idea once he gets inside too.

Let us know what other questions you may have. We have MANY survivors here. If the cancer goes with the kidney, then you'll be monitored for several years. If you do have mets anywhere else, there are good treatment options.

Hang in there best you can. BTW: Sciatic pain is the worst! Thank god for the back pain so you got the proper procedures done. Most times Renal cancer is found accidently by looking at something else. Also, before you get UP from bed, raise each leg to chest, separately then together. You do this slowly, pressing your leg up onto your chest and letting those hamgstrings stretch out. It helps to stretch them out so to prevent the worst spasms when you stand or sit. Sitting is the worst position. I have had this issue for over 40 years.

Here for you , and we'll all walk this journey along side you if you want us to!

Healing hugs, hopefully with back relief soon!

Tell your wife you WILL live with this!

Hugs to your both, Jan

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Thank goodness for your back pain....I have a similar situation.  Hurt my back at work trying to lift a dental compressor along with our "elderly" dental technician and bulged out l1/l2....the sciatica was horrendous and thankgoodness for that because it led to the ct scan which showed cancer on my right kidney.  Im scheduled for radical nephrectomy 5/9/17.  Your not alone.  Sounds like you already have a great support system at home and that is definetly what we need.  I have learned a lot so far on this forum.  I hope you do too!  Hang in there! We are all gonna get through this!




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Normally one wouldn't say thank goodness for back pain, or kidney stones or anything that sent you to seek help then end up finding you have a kidney mass. However,in your case and my wife as well as so many others here.......THANK GOODNESS.

her surgery was a partial robotic. Today is 19 days post surgery and she is doing really well. I'd be lying if I sad it was a piece of cake. The first week was exactly as Iceman calls it "Hell Week"......but it was not as bad as we had it made out to be at the same time. Take meds as prescribed and walk as much as you can stand and you will get thru it just fine.

Big hugs.....this is a great place. We want you to do well

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Thank god for back pain is right. Not the news anyone wants to hear but hopefully the surgery will take care of it and that'll be the end of it. All the very best to you! Make sure you see someone very experienced in RCC and kidney surgery.

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Saw the Urologist today. Went over the CAT scan images. He believes that the left Kidney should be removed as best course of treatment. Said it was T2 Stage. Doesn't think Lymph Nodes are affected. He thinks it will be done as laproscopic surgery. He has done over a hundred of this type of Surgery and is positive on outcome. Scheduled bloodwork and EKG today. Thinks that surgery will be in less than 3 weeks due to scheduling with Hospital and other surgeon. Trying to absorb as much info as possible I am  thankful for your kind replies to my situation

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Hang in there, only 3 weeks time and you will be on your way to getting on with your life!  The waiting before surgery is a very trying time and you are doing well.  Wishing you all the best.

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