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Understanding CT terminology

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I recently had a CT of my chest due to chest pain. The CT findings were as follows 

Soft tissue settings showed:

An inhomogeneous thyroid gland with areas of calcification identified.  

No significant axillary lymphadenopathy.


Multiple small mediastinal lymph nodes identified.


CT Impression 12/28/16

Scattered areas of interstitial change and atelectasis in the lung fields


Multiple peripheral bronchi show mild wall thickening. Abnormal thyroid gland which should be correlated clinically


I have had an ultrasound of the thyroid since the CT and have been referred to a surgeon but nothing was ever said about the CT findings of my chest. I don't really understand whythe radiologist meant by some of the comments. Any help appreciated!



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Schedule an appointment with your doctor to go over the results of the CT scan. Ask him/her to break it down into English, and don't leave the office until you understand the results.

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