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Clear Margins?

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I have a question that I forgot to ask the doctor yesterday when we found out my husband's pathology results.

There was one microscopic area where there were a few cells on the outer wall of the kidney in the fat, which makes it stage 3 automatically.  However, he said that he removed all of the fat along with the kidney and there were no other areas and there was a large clear margin.  There was nothing in any of the veins or anywhere else.  Do the clear margins even make much of a difference?  Is it really any less likely to recur? 


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are very good, Sandy.  When the doctor says it is a large clear margin he/she is referring to the distance from the cancer cells to normal cells of the cut.  The further the distance the less likely a cancer cell sneaks through. 


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If it was mine I would consider it stage 2. Maybe stage 2 plus a tiny bit, like stage 2.001

I'd still worry of course. I wish we could all come over and give you a big group hug or something. But that might freak you out completely...

How well is your husband dealing with all of this?


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Your comment made me smile.  Honestly, I wouldn't mind the group hug thing right about now.

As far as my husband, he is doing way better than me.  He keeps saying that he is going to be fine.  He seems so convinced of it.

Do you guys know if the extent of the cells that were outside of the kidney capsule make any difference in prognosis?  I didn't think to ask that question when we were at the doctor visit.

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Clear margin is great, meaning all entire local tumor has been removed. Invasion into perirenal fat is a microscopic criteria for stage III since the cells have breached the renal capsule, which means they have a higher chance of distant spread/metastsis. But that doesn't mean they will spread for sure. 

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