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Biopsy results came in today

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Results of second biopsy came in.  They say still complex hyperplasia but they didn't find cancer from the D&C samples. I am glad. But feel sad that others here hear worse news. I keep you ladies in my thought and heart and prayers, especially late at night when insomnia kicks in.  I will have a full hysterectomy in the weeks ahead, and I am aware diagnoses can change. Doctor is giving me the chance to remove both or one or none of the ovaries. I'm 49, already get hot flashes in my sleep and figure I'm about 5 years out from menopause. What advice would you give? I know there is scar tissue in there and I often wonder how bad. I really would love to not have to worry about ovaries going bad in the years ahead. Thank you for your love, care and advice. This has been the hardest 2 months of my life. Hugs

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I would have everything taken out! Why keep something in that will lead to worry? I have dealt with hot flashes since my mid-forties. Still have them now and I will be 60 next month. The hysterectomy didn't make mine better or worse. I keep thinking that someday I'll stop having them! ugh!!!!

I'm so very happy for you that you didn't have cancer. Never, ever feel bad about that. We all will celebrate that news with you, I promise!

Good luck with your surgery. Please come back and let us know how you are doing. And, thanks for sharing the good news too! :-)

Love and Hugs,


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Glad to hear  you got good results.   With regard to hysterectomy, I'm with Cindi.   I was 45 when I had everything removed.  It really didn't make much different to me regarding hot flashes, etc., but then again everyone is different.   But my feeling is if you are getting your uterus and at least one ovary, what's the difference.  Just get it out and be done with it.    With me, I know I would worry constantly about every ache and pain if I left something in.  But thats me!   

Wishing you a quick recovery on your upcoming hysterectomy.


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I agree with the others; take it all. You aren't that many years away from menaupause and hopefully having them out will buy you piece of mind. Happy for your results! Let us know how your surgery goes.

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Double Whammy
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I think if you see a gyn/oncologist, the recommendation will be to get rid of it all.  My biopsy said the same thing but also "areas suspicious for adenocarcinoma".  It was cancer and I had a pretty good sized tumor with 1/3 myometrial invasion, but it was Grade 1 (whew).  I was postmenopausal anyway, so the plan (by a gyn/onc) was always to remove everything, but knowing what I know now, if I had had a choice then, I would have chosen to remove it all.  If it's not there, it can't grow cancer and none of us would be in this perdicament had we had total hysterectomies in the past.  And the same holds for ovarian cancer - plus the only way to be for sure that those ovaries don't also have early signs of cancer is if they're looked after removal.    I was very lucky but I simply never want to face any of this again.  The average age for menopause is 51 and you're going to go thru menopause soon anyway.  Of course, it would be natural.  If you do not have cancer (and even if you have early stage this is often done), hormone replacement may be an option for you if your symptoms are too much.  My vote is to get rid of it all while you have the opportunity to avoid any potential problems down the road, but I think that is the opinion of most everyone on this board because we all had cancer.  Ditto for the ovarian cancer board. 


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Thanks everyone.

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I'm with all the other ladies - take it all.  

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I agree with the others. When I had my hysterectomy I asked my doctor if she was taking my ovaries. She was adamant they come out telling me they can only turn into cancer. Glad they're gone!

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had a total radical hysterectomy and I only wish it had been in 2010 when I first started having problems.  The hot flashes come and go now and not every day and I am SO GLAD it is all out of there!  I say get it out and hopefully your good news will continue to hold after they look at all the tissue and we'll be CHEERING that this dang disease didn't get one of us!!!!  (((HUGS)))

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