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Immunotherapy for early stage cancer

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I had surgery 6 weeks ago - stage 2a adenocarcinoma.  The lower lobe of my right lung was removed.  I have yet to see an oncologist for followup (their fault- not mine) - hopefully next week.  Standard treatment at this point would be adjuvant chemotherapy.  My question is, does anyone know of any immunotherapy drugs that are approved for adjuvant treatment after surgery as an alernative to chemo for stage two cancer, and if there is any information on efficacy of such treatment.  I want to be armed with as much knowledge as I can when I see the oncologist next week (if they don't postpone yet again).

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It depends on the results of a PD / PD-L test. Immunotherapy is only recommended if certain proteins are above a certain percentage. For additional information, check out this link: http://www.cancer.net/navigating-cancer-care/how-cancer-treated/immunotherapy-and-vaccines/understanding-immunotherapy

Oh, and good luck! I wish you all the best.

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Hello Tiger, I would talk about genetic profiling from biopsy samples as well. Alternative targeted therapies are available for mutations in EGFR, ALk, ROS genes, for example. Best regards.

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