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Stem Cell transplant or Chemo forever

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My mother is 69, just diagnosed with MM 8\2016. Its been rough on her.  After her 2nd treatment she ended up in the hospital. Her Marrow was 90% cancer protein. They had to do 2 rounds of plasma Pheresis. When she was released she could no longer walk without assistance….


After 2 months of pain they finally ran tests and determined she has 2 bulging discs in her back pinching on a nerve. Its hard to watch her go from being very independent to having to rely on others.  We have a hard time keeping her spirits up as we lost dad to leukemia 8 years ago.


We see the oncologist the 29th, last time he said something about re-evaluation and putting her on maintenance. Can someone please explain what maintenance is? How long can you go on maintenance? What are some of the complications of being on chemo for years?


April 4th we go see the specialist in Omaha Ne. to have tests done to see if she qualifies for a stem cell transplant. We know that it means 100 days of extensive Chemo and then the transplant, but if you have to be on chemo after the transplant why would you go through the transplant?


We are looking for experiences from people whom have done it both ways. We are lost at trying to make this decision, not knowing what to expect with either choice….


I need to be able to tell mom what others have experienced like side effects, consequences, up side and down side to both Stem cell transplant versus just chemo ….




Please any information will help us make an informed decision…


Thank you




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