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Colon to Bone

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Has anyone here had their colon cancer metastisize to bone? I am a formerly stage 3 colon cancer patient who has previously had reaccurances in

my liver and lung each followed by surgery and chemo. I've had clean CT scans for a year but recently my CEA has gone up from 3.4 to 7.3. My CT scan last week was clear. 

I have been having shoulder pain for a couple of months and yesterday's MRI shows a mass on the bone. I'm really scared. I'm having another MRI with contrast done which should show more. I also have a call in to my oncologist.

Does anyone here have a similar story? How are you doing? For the first time I'm really, really scared.

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I know of several who have had mets to the bone, though none post any more. 

I wish you luck as you move forward. As you probably know already, fear is ever present, especially when we are first diagnosed and then with subsequent spread and reoccurances. It is natural to be scared, but when you find out exactly what is going on and have a plan of action, the fear should subside. 

Hopefully soon, somone will pop by who can help more with their experience with mets to the bone. 


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