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Scans Tomorrow

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My quarterly scans are coming up tomorrow. These days I get my results a week after, but not this time because I have a business trip that came up next week. This business trip is going to put me right back where I was 4 1/2 years ago when my first tumor was found. I'm even staying at the same hotel. I did that on purpose. At first I thought I might have bad memories or it might be bad luck. I thought about switching hotels. Today I decided to stay with my plan. I'm going to consider this a victory lap. 4 1/2 years later I'm NED. That's great news.

I do hate waiting 3 weeks for the results. I had to move my appointment and the doc didn't have a free appointment for 2 weeks after my original. I might shoot him an email Thursday and ask if everything was ok. Might be nice to know ASAP.

Not feeling the anxiety so far. It's been less and less and I'm glad for that. Two years since my last tumor. I've lost 30 pounds. Exercising regularly. Eating better. Planning to be here for the birth of my grandchild next year. Things are pretty darn good (as long as I don't watch the damn news or read the newspapers...).

Good health and peace to you all!


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If you hadn't found out, we don't know where you might be today.  Glad you are still around to be a little stressed; but getting on with living.

Good Luck and keep us posted.

Hugs,  donna_lee

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Good luck!

Not changing hotels proves that your anxiety is decreasing and you are in control. Good to know for the rest of us, who still experience severe scanxiety from time to time :-)

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You always do fine. Just keep it up.

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you sound like you are in a really good place and I will send good thoughts your way; losing 30 pounds and wai on that grand baby do wonders to your mind.

we just returned from a visit to Oregon where our oldest lives and got a baby feed; our 2.5 year-old is chatting a mile a minute and the baby (almost 5 months) is a sweet butterball. He weighs 18 poundo which is what his dad weighed at a year. 

Unfortunately, the 2-year-old brought a nasty virus home and we all got hit; one by one, the nasty bug got us all except for the butterball. Despite the inconvenience, we enjoyed the visit. That's what grandkids do to you.

good luck, Todd

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Good health to You too.

Good food, exercise and weight loss... It's the best we can do for ourselves.



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Sending good karma.



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Skagway Jack
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Todd,   Great hopes for a stellar report,  and quiet stay.  


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Well, Todd that 'victory" plan is an excellent on! Good for you!

But can't you pick up your copy of the radiologist's report in medical records before you leave? I always get mine right away. Usuallyl w/in 24/48 hours.

Could you?



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I emailed the doc/PA today, and the PA shot me back an email saying there was nothing interesting on the scans. Yay!

I could probably get the report, but I'm not sure I can without going in to the hospital. It's a good 1 1/2 hours drive each way. Actually, I'm not sure they'll release them to me before the doctor has had a chance to look at them and go over them with me. They might.

I wish they'd sent me a copy, but that's ok. I can wait for the appointment to get one.

Thanks for all the well wishes. I'm happy to report almost no scanxiety this time. I didn't even tell many people I was getting them done this time, which is rare. I turned scan day into having dinner with my son and daughter-in-law day. That was awesome. She's getting over her morning sickness. I had to laugh. She said she's never doing this again (having a baby) and she's only at like 11 weeks. I kept the bad news to myself about what's coming...

Of course after they see that smiling face, many moms change their minds. I hope so! I want more grandchildren. Lol.



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Thats great news.

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Todd, Sounds like a good send off for your trip,



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This forum needs a "like" button.

Good to hear about the non-interesting scans, Todd.

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BOR-ing is good, very good. So is dinner with the kids. 

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Thanks for keeping us up to date and for the perspective of a "victory lap"! I like that!

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Happy for you!


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Party time! :)

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yawn. Pizza and beer time.

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That's so wonderful. Thrilled for you! I love seeing good news :)

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YAAAY Todd!! Good to hear!

Now, next time, why don't you sign a release form before you leave your scan appointment and ask them to mail you the results? Maybe you need to bring a self addressed/stamped envelope. But yes, you can get your copy before your doctor sees you. I do it all the time.

However, I cannot see the results from  my Mychart online site until the doctor releases them.

Now go and have a great time!

Hugs, Jan

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Yeah-yeah-yeah, good news, grandpa! :-)

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Do boring now before your little one arrives and he or she will make boring  inpossible in so many good ways!  Happy for you!

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For you Todd!  Not get out there and celebrate!


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Congratulations.  Thanks for sharing, Todd.

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Happy dance time!!


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So happy for you, Todd!! Congrats!!

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