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waiting for results -question

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Hi all,

I'm waiting for results of my hysteroscopy and d&c from last Wednesday. It's making me a bit crazy!

I have a question though. If there is no cancer, should I ask for a referral to a surgeon anyway? I feel like this scare is enough for me to go get the hysterectomy I've been avoiding for 15 years. I have severe endometriosis, multiple endometriomas on my ovary, and ?adenomyosis. I'm afraid of what may be to come but withball my scar tissue I've been avoiding it. 

This doctor booked me for 2 months from now. Shouldn't he want to follow up on the rest of the ultrasound findings?

Would appreciate opinions!



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Hey Cindy,

I agree. Why not go ahead and get everything out if you are beyond having kids. Especially if you have had loads of other issues to deal with. If I had been test for Lynch Syndrome a couple of years before my UPSC, I could have avoided all of this darn stuff! Because they would have done a hysterectomy on me as a precaution.

I hope and pray that you get that option. Please come back and let us know what you find out.

Love and Hugs,




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