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our nightmare continues

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Wife of kidney ...
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Well, where do I start! Two weeks ago my husband was sent home from the hospital after receiving 6 pints of blood! His tumor is 16 cm large, thats all we were told! It is pushing his mailn arteries aside, pushing is intestines out of the way and pushing on his spine! We know it ihas not spread as of now! His urologist said surgery should take place asap, as soon as the following friday! Apparently he was just getting OR TIME and his surgical team together! So we were patiently waiting to hear! Then nothing! Until the morning of the friday, a call from the doctor himself, informing us that we were reffered to another Urologist for an apointment a week away! So I did some research on the docotor and read the reviews! Oh I can tell you, those reviews were horrible! My husband, very eager for this surgery pushed the revies aside and off we went there yesterday! 

Upon arrival it looked like a very cold environment! The secretary was so rude and had o idea why we were even there! Then we waited 2 12 hours to be shoved in a room to wait another hour! But if the doc is good, we wait no problem! Then this man walks in! Looks at us! First thing out of his mouth was: "why would anyone be so dumb to wait so long? If you had come when the tumour was small you would not have to worry bleeding out on the table or getting a **** bag"

Yes those were his words! I was just sitting there in shock! Then he looked at my husbands scans...then running out of the room, leaving the door open....speaking loudly to one of his colleages :"You gotta come see this, I need your opinion but cover your ***, watch what you say!" so they both come in, look at y husband and look at me...then proceed to tell us it needs to be removed, chances of bleeding out are 2 % but its a risky surgery! 

My husband asks how long until surgery... a months or two....So I ask, will the cancer spread by then? Doc looks at me and says:"what a dumb question. It that large because you both were dumb enough to wait and it has not spread!"

I walked away crying! Feeling defeated and helpless! On our way home I told my husband that this person is not putting a hand on him! We are now looking for another surgeon! I am so lost, I can not believe that people treat people like this! If my husband knew what he had he would have went! He thought he had a hernia and went to see his doc and we found out that we have cancer! I am just so unccedibly lost and I am scared of every day that we have to wait with this monster insiide of him!

Please dont look at spelling mistakes...I really have not slept in days and my mind does not work too well



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Bay Area Guy
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Run, do not walk, to another urologist.  Get one that is associated with a large teaching hospital in your area.  There is absolutely no way you should ever return to this scum of a person.  I don't particularly care if he's a great urologist, he's a lousy human being and he's not gong to give you and your husband any comfort at all.

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Wife of kidney ...
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We did! There is no way we trust him! It was horrible! 

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I agree..run. Also I would report him to the medical license board. He should not be in practice. Where do you live? Maybe someone out here can give you a name of a good Dr. 

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Wife of kidney ...
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We are in the Guelph Ontario area! I will file a complaint but not until

i have found a doc to help my husband! This doctor had reviews online that were horrible! 

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Please contact Kidney Cancer Canada for assistant

Telephone: 416-603-0277
Toll Free: 1-866-598-7166
Fax: 416-603-0277
Email: info@kidneycancercanada.ca

Or you can twit Deb Maskens https://twitter.com/DebMaskensKCC  I am sure she can give you more advice. 

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Wow, that jack a** is lucky he didn't get punched in the mouth.  I absolutely cannot believe there are doctors/surgeons like this.  There has to be a data base that you guys can search for experienced RCC surgeons in your area.  I'm sure some of our Canadian members will chime in and offer some suggestions.  I'm so sorry you guys are going through this, Evelyn.  You deserve to feel confident with your doctor.   Be vigilant in your search.  


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File a complaint with the medical board. Write down what he said so you don't forget or paraphrase later. His reputation precedes him so don't worry telling your story to your next choice of doc. I've been in the business 40 years and that is the rudest doc I've heard of.

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Get a referral to either UHN or Sunnybrook in Toronto. The have dedicated onco-urologists there, as well as oncologists specialized in RCC.



If you want to file a complaint to the College later on, here's the information. http://www.cpso.on.ca/Policies-Publications/Make-a-Complaint

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So sorry you had to go thru that!! It's amazing how heartless and cold some of these medical people can get, they need to realize we are no in their shoes everyday, we don't deal with what they deal with everyday! Sounds to me like he needs to step down and take a break, if he's that upset and thinks people are that dumb, then that is a reflection on something he's dealing with internally. I truly hope you find someone you all are comfortable with. Prayers to you and your husband!


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Reach out to the folks at Kidney Cancer Canada if you have not already done so. eh.



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Well no wonder he had such bad reviews! Dang, report him! Never, ever put up with that. And to blame you for the size/ Enuff!!

Let us know what happens hon. We're here for you as you can already see!

Hugs, Jan

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That is probably the worst doctor story I have heard.

I can understand and might even forgive simple incompetence, but this guy's attitude is just terrible.

He obviously does not care about people at all. He seems seems to actually dislike people.

Why did he become a doctor?


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May the fleas of a thousand camels infest his.......uhhh nevermind.

You can't run fast enough to get away from this horrible doctor. Please be hasty in your search but be diligent. You guys will overcome this!!!

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Is recommending to his little Canadian canine friends that they don't go to this guy for the Big Snip. And he generally looks for the good in everybody, no matter WHAT the circumstances. I think our collective gasps have joined with yours, thousand-fold. 

Was he on drugs? Or, needs to be on drugs? Sheesh. Wish there was a magic wand to reset you both to before you had to deal with this joker. 

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encounter this horrible, horrible nasty doctor while going thru such stressful moments!  Hard to believe and sad to know there are people like him out there, a doctor for heaven's sake.  I wish you find a very caring and excellent doctor for your husband.  

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Prayers lifted that you find the correct doctor for your needs.


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rude doctor. Everything I have read seems to point out that most kidney tumors are found when they are looking at another problem or by blood in the urine and by that time the tumors are larger. Anyway, please try to put this doctor out of your mind, don't let the comments get to you, you are not to blame in any way. I do hope and pray that you find a compassionate doctor.

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I sure hope you have found someone new and I'm so sorry this is what you've had to deal with.  Some people shouldn't be allowed to work with people and that doc needs to find a new career.  When you get thru this you really need to persue following up with reporting him.  NO ONE should have to put up with that.  I thought my first opinion was bad, he just looked at the films on the computer, never made eye contact with me and said very matter of factly, "it's 80-90% chance of cancer".  Although he was correct, I needed to find a new doc.  And I did.

I'll be praying for you & your husband,


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wow! This is so over the top but this is my advice; don't waste a second of your precious time and energy on this questionable medical practice.

Get your husband to a renal cancer specialist and renal cancer surgeon who will take care of him; once his care is under control, then complain and take action against the first so-called doctor.

my husband's initial GP dismissed his symptoms for a year and a half; when he was finally diagnosed and his condition was under some control, I filed a complain. After a discussion where he said he didn't know about "creatinine ", he heard even more from us. 

hope that by now you have found the right team to deal with the cancer.


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I am the wife of a RCC survivor and my biggest advice....file a complaint and follow through.   My prayers are for you and your husband as well as many other fighters on this network.

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