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Left upper lobectomy this coming Tuesday- Wednesday

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Hello, I am 72 years old and have just completed the bronchcoscopy and mediastinoscopy and gotten clear results, no lymph node involvement! So I am tentatively scheduled for lobectomy next week. Right now I am waiting for the phone call with the day/date, check in time and pre-op instructions.  My mediastinoscopy incision still is swollen and sore, but I was unable to take the Norco past the first day due to horrible constipation which is  a chronic problem for me. I dread the outcome if it is to be more of the same, and what I can do to take the pain meds I need but not end up in the ER with a bowel blockage.

I am hoping I can hear from those of you who have had this 'keyhole' surgery for stage 1 no lymph node involvement with what I can expect as far as pain, recovery time and the dreaded drain.



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My cancer is stage 2a, but the surgery would be very similar.  Mine was the lower right lobe.  My guess is that there are probably some alternate pain meds that can be used.  While I certainly had pain, I was not in agony.  For me the biggest issue is breathing.  You are instantly losing lung capacity.  You'll be on oxygen in the hospital, but you may not be when you get home.  You'll have to discover the positions you can be in, not only for comfort, but also to get enough air.  The lower right lobe, I am told, is the smallest of the five that you possess, so it is quite possible your challenges in breathing could be a little more pronounced.  Don't get discouraged in any case.  It gets better.

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Hello TigerJ52, my mom will have surgery tomorrow for stage 2 Non small cell lung cancer. I am very much worried. Will she be fine post surgery and live a normal life.

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