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Scanner perfect... Miracle? 16/03 news about irm

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I have adénocarcinoma endometrial with metastasis in abdomen.i had 3 rounds of carboplatine and taxotere and i had à scan. 

Scan is perfect.  No evidence of metastasis in the abdomen.

I am very surprise.  My doctor give me a irm to confirm. 

Did anyone here have metastases that disappeared with chemotherapy?( Just 3 rounds) 

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I am so happy for your results.  Will they do The hysterectomy now?

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Sandrine - That is wonderful news. Looking forward to hearing your answer to Connie's question.

Love and Hugs,


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The doctor said that it is necessary to wait until the end of the treatment to make a decision.May be they will want to give me hormonotherapy or immunotherapy.  

I am very surprise. Do you think that the scanner don't see the cancer in the abdomen?

Do you know a person whose cancer stage 4 disappeared with chemotherapy?( carboplatine/ taxotere)



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Lou Ann M
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i am so happy for you.  You couldn't get new any better.  Take it for the good news it is and enjoy

Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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My mom has Stage 4 breast cancer.  Originally, there was the breast mass, lymph node and a nodule in each lung.   After several rounds of treatment, the lung nodules are gone and the breast tumor has shrunk.   So what I am saying is anything is possible.

My best to you

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Take the wins and celebrate!!  That doesn't mean to not keep an eye on them and if things don't feel right to be sure to bring up your concerns and questions!  (((HUGS)))

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Sandrine, that is such wonderful news. I say enjoy it! 

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Sandrine, wow! So wonderful to hear your scans are clear! If this isn't a miracle, I don't know what is!


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Scanner is perfect but irm is not perfect. 

I have nodules in abdomen (two) ans in utérus. Lesions are smaller so I continue chemo carboplatine and taxotere. 



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I'd say that if it is having an effect that is encouraging.  Most of us had 6 rounds of carbo/taxol just as standard so don't lose hope.  It's a much different picture than when you first started right?!  (((HUGS)))

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that is wonderful news

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The doctor says that the cancer has decreased in relation to the flow of my disease

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