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Abnormal u/s and hysteroscopy biopsy today-

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Hi everyone,

I had an u/s this morning and hysteroscopy this afternoon. 


  • lining 12 mm
  • Small cystic spaces in hetero lining
  • multiple cysts on left ovary - ?endometriomas
  • can't find right ovary
  • ?adenomyosis


  • d&c
  • removed polyp
  • sent to pathology
  • was painful even though I had conscious sedation

The doctor booked me for a follow upnin 2 months which seems strange, even if the results are negative.

would love to hear your thoughts  I can't stop thinking about it!



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Wow all that done at once, sounds miserable. I didn't tolerate the in office biopsy with out intense pain, now going for the sedation on Monday. Sounds similar to you. Ice cream Sunday's to you. Rest and slowly the results will come in. My first biopsy took 2 weeks. Then 2 weeks waiting for Monday's procedure. I too have missing ovaries....can't figure out where they are. Hmmm. Hugs to you.

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