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Colon Cancer and Positive for Lupus?

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Anybody else have this? I've been positive for lupus for about 8 years that I know of, probably before that but I hadn't been diagnosed. I've never had any symptoms beyond the finger pain that I first went to see the doctor about. But now that I've had this skin situation with first the huge hives/welts and then the overreaction to the panitumumab with the severe rash I'm starting to wonder. I was looking at my face to day and it looks like I have the classic butterfly rash that many lupus people get. I wonder if it's kicked in and that's why I had such a strong reaction to the treatment.

Any thoughts on this? I'll ask my onc next time I see her but that's not for a month.

On the plus side I saw my endocrinologist today and he said my calcium levels are now normal with the med I'm on for that. He was very pleased and so am I! Then he said that I'm an amazing woman and he's so impressed with my positive outlook. He said he's read what I've been through and can't believe I'm still so positive and upbeat. He said I was the last appointment of the day and I made his whole day. Being a cryer it made me get all teary but it was nice to hear.

Also, my kidney levels haven't gotten any worse which is good because I'm still hoping to save the kidney that's been closed off by adhesions. I see that doctor on Friday.    


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Canadian Sandy
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i really admire your strength Jan. Such an inspiration. Take care.


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I wish there was a LIKE button on these comments so I could easily add a vote to a reply. Because I agree that you are amazing. Can you call or email your onc with a question or concern? Maybe that might get them thinking in advance if your visit? 

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I'm not sure, I doubt it. I'll check, though. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Jan,  Good afternoon.  My wife got diagnosed with Lupus a few months ago and keeps "thinking the worst", which may be normal.  It sounds like you are doing very well with it.

If you don't mind my asking, what medication are you on?


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Hi, it's never gotten to the point where I've required treatment for it, I'm sorry. I have a friend that's on prednisone for it and it's quite hard on her. I'm positive for it but have almost no effects from it. I wish I could offer something.


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     When I started losing protein thru my urine they did every test they could think of including three kidney biopsies. My doctors all suspected lupus but none of the tests corresponded to any of the lupus indicators.  I asked my neph if they were sure he said yes it was definitely not lupus so I was left with the frustrating 'auto-immune disease of unknown type and cause'. I have had a bit of a setback in the last two weeks with diabetes. I have been considered insulin resistent for the past 25 years and was dxed with type two diabetes. It has been well controled with metformin . During all that time my history blood test has consistently stayed between 47-49 . My most recent test has come in at 73. My gp believes I will have to look at other measures including insulin to control it.Ron.

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