Skin care after radiation therapy

Hi everyone,

I have a query regarding post skin radiation treatment. I got diagnosed in 2014. Went through the routine, chemotherapy and then radiation of thorax. My neck got really dark. I used a mask and the front skin came off but i didnt use a mask for the back so my back neck skin is still very dark.

I relapsed again in 2016 and went through chemo and radiation therapy again, this time abdomen. Im doing well now.

My question is my neck and abdomen is pretty dark. The abdomen doesnt bother me but my neck does. Its been more than a year now. Can anyone recommend what to do to get the skin color back to normal? Can i bleach my neck? Or use any type of cream?

Any advise would be much appreciated. Thanks.



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    I would make an appointment with a good dermatologist, perhaps one affiliated with a cancer treatment facility. .