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Oligodendroglioma II /radiotherapy question

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I am 24 years, diagnosed with oligodendroglioma grade 2, went into surgery removed 80% of the tumor,

As a treatment plan, they suggested chemo with radiation, but told me that radiation is once in lifetime !!!

I decided to save it as a golden card and just go with chemo, but when I searched on internet I found some ppl saying it could be twice am not sure

am already started my chemo using temodal .... has anyone had radiation twice to the same area ?

and anyone know what could happened if I changed my mind and want to start radiation ?

I already have an appointment  4th of the next month, but it will be great to go with an open eye.

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Hello sarawlkr

I don't know anything about Oligodendrogliomo nor the chemo and radiotherapy recommended. I do know, however, that one of the best things you can do for yourself  is get a 2nd opinion. You've started chemo and that's probably a good thing but please talk with another oncologist if you haven't already done so so you are fully aware of what can be done.

I send best wishes,


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I discussed it with my doctor, already on cycle 2 ..will hv my first MRI after cycle/4, we will have an eye on the tumor ..... then we will discuss radiotherapy 

but already hv 6 cycle to finish before it ... I hope that I am on the right way .. 

with alot of faith I know I will get there soon 

Sara ~

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I had an oligo removed in Aug 2004.  The doctor was able to remove all of the tumor he could see.  My doctor said that once you had radiation you could not have it again.  At that time the chemo was PVC.  I had it for 12 months.  I would recommend a secound opinion as well.  I do believe there is a chance you can have raditation twice, but it has to be a period of time between raditaion treatments.  

Keep the faith, you will get there!!!


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We had the same grade brain tumor and heard the same information.  80% of your tumor was removed, I was right around 80-85%. It sounds like we made the same decisions and even got the same chemo drugs.

I personally feel great about my decision to pursue chemo and found that the temodar ultimately helped shrink/eliminate the remaining tumor.  There are multiple different types of radiation, what was probably discussed with you was widespread radiation on your brain which, yes, can only be done safely once.  There is also more targeted "shot gun" radiation to consider down the road if you need it.

But you've got your ACE in the hole, you now have ALL your options on the table if and when you need to fight again.  Stay strong, you WILL beat this!

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