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Scared-Need Help Stage 1 Lung Cancer diagnosis possible

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Recently had a low dose CT screening. 8MM nodule in right upper lobe with Mat Lymphs enlarged,  largest 7mm. Going for a C Pet Scan next week. I am scared to death of the disease. I am wondering if I am diagnosed and surgery is an option. What is can I expect? What was the surgery like, the recovery, the setbacks, the quality of life 3, 6 12 months after (work, play, fear, pain, etc). Anybody that has gone through this please please respond. Thank you so much!

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Hi Scared

I fully understand your feelings at this time. It is scary and the fear of the unknown is very nerve wracking. I was diagnosed in September last year so still remember your current emotions very clearly. Getting all the tests and scans done I felt a bit like a rabbit in a spotlight.. Not feeling sick and being told all this was even more difficult to comprehend.

My main tumor in my right lung was stage IV measuring 42mm x 30 mm and then a number of smaller ones between 5 and 8mm... My oncologist said to me that i need to understand that the only thing you can be sure of with my cancer is that is unpredictable.

He gave me three options:-

1) Chemo... he did not recommend

2) Surgery.. and then wait to see where it comes again.

3) Immunotherapy.. which he suggested.

I signed on for the immunotherapy (Drug Called Pembrolizumab ).. Started treatment end of October and have now had 7 doses every three weeks. At my last scan all the small guys had disappeared and the big guy reduced by over 50%.. All I can say is it seems to be working for me so worth while discussing this option with your Oncologist.

Look after yourself and stay positive.. hope all goes well..

Take care.. Stu

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Good Afternoon.

I am still recovering from my surgery. I had non small cell adinocarcinoma stage 1A. The surgeon took out the entire left upper lung. I won't sugar coat the surgery, I misinterpreted and thought it was going to be more like laporscopic as with gallbladder. It was the worse pain I have ever experienced and the nurse remarked that this surgery is worse than open heart but the recovery time isn't as long.  This Tuesday will be 7 weeks and it is so much easier, although I still have front rib pain and thumbness. Shortness of breath is a issue and the fact that I was healthy and in shapee this is keeping me down more than I like but I am adjusting. I am blessed we found my cancer incidentally onn a chest xray so no radiation or chemo and had not went anywhere else in my body. I would definately do surgery if success rate for you is good but it won't be a walk in the park I was in hospital for 8 days. Jeanna


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Hi rpriceklan,

I am glad to hear you are doing well. Your situation sounds similar to my husband's but his upper rt. lobe was removed. I read that you had no chemo or radiation which is the point he is at now. He did one chemo treatment & is now debating on the other 3 because it made him so sick. I don't know if the chemo is worth doing or not. I want what is best for him. We are going to talk to his oncologist about it & go from there. The chances of getting another cancer is there with or without the chemo. I want to stay positive & enjoy everyday but it is hard to see him so sick for so long from a medicine that is supposed to be helping him. I know it's his decision. It has got my head spinning! Thanks for your story & for reading about our small dilema compared to others.

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Everybody is scared of the possibility of lung cancer.  I'm scared now that I've been diagnosed, but there is no going backward.  The PET scan may or may not be conclusive in determining if the nodule in your lung and/or the lymph node is cancerous.  When I had a suspicious CT scan, the latest among several I'd had over 3 years, two options were given. I could have a needle biopsy or a surgical biopsy.  The doctor leaned toward a surgical biopsy as sometimes it's hard to get a tissue sample when the nodule/mass is small.  Since the mass in my lung had grown over the three years that the CT scans covered (done for reasons other than lung cancer) it seemed to me as if the surgical biopsy was a no-brainer.  If the thing was growing, eventually it had to come out, cancer or not.  The 2 cm mass was removed in the biopsy and examined in the lab immediately while I remained under anesthesia.  It was found to be cancer, adenocarcinoma, so a lobectomy was done immediately.  Examination of that lung tissue in the lab revealed involvement of 3 lymph nodes.  A lobectomy is defferent from the removal of an entire lung.  It's no picnic, but I found the pain to be pretty manageable.  I found the biggest challenges when I came home (other than coming down with the flu and a UTI 2 days later) were finding sitting and lying positions that were both comfortable and which allowed me to breathe and get enough oxygen.  I went back to work 4 weeks after, though I am still under some restrictions.  You can do this!

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Sorry this is happening to you and I know how upsetting this is. Just want you to know I was dx with stage 1a adenocarcinoma lung cancer 9 1/2 years ago.In the lower right love the drs at penn removed the lower lobe via vats surgery. I went back to work  12 weeks later. The surgery was not as bad as the open gallbladder surgery I had not laparoscopic. It was sore. But you can do it if you have to. constipation after surgery was the worse part. Good luck hope this helps

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Hi, I had left lower lung removed January 23rd. Yes, tough surgery, but got along ok. Have stage 3A non small cell. 

Have had 2 rounds of Chemo and am taking a healing break before radiation.

i feel very fortunate to have a great team of Drs. Can just say, stay positive, use your sparimotor! And you'll be fine!

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