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Are there oranizations that help with tasks?

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I am a rcc survivor with ckd, crps, ddd, fibro, etc.  I have a hard time doing chores, errands, etc.  Are there any new ACS or Kidney Cancer Association programs to help?  If not, are there any organizations that give free massages to cute cancer survivors?Smile 

I am so behind with everything! 


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Hi Kidney_Cancer_Kid,

My name is Simone and I'm a moderator here at CSN. I'm sure others will chime in with ideas from their experiences, but if you are wondering about ACS programs, please call us at 1.800.227.2345 where Cancer Information Specialists are available around the clock every day of the week to speak with you. You can also utilize the Live Chat feature Monday through Friday between 7am-6:30pm CST on www.cancer.org

Welcome to CSN!


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Hello Simone,

I live in San Angelo, Texas.  I am about 200 miles away from the nearest big city.  It is very hard to find help in my area.  The last time I checked with ACS . . . I was trying to find a way to MD Anderson Cancer Center.  I ended up having our local cancer center and my boyfriend help me pay for the hotel, rental car, and food. 

I have had problems with internet access when looking around the ACS web site and limited access to the phone.  I will continue to search ACS site and call when I can.  However, in this area, there are limited resources, no general cancer support groups (i.e. outside breast and prostate cancers), and my computer has been locking up for the past several months when I want to find help.  Any new services can pop up and I will not immediately learn about them.  I know the people in this network have good ideas and so, I hope to get good advice.  Also, I will continue to check via phone and online when I can.

P.S. This is the first online support group that has not locked up my computer.



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I have a friend that does massage for cancer patients. However, I'm not aware that she works for any type of formal organization. I'd check out your local cancer support groups for support like this. Google is definitely your friend in this area. When they say don't Google this disease, they aren't talking about things like this. Google cancer support + cities in your area and try going to the centers and some meetings and collect information. They often have classes but also they have volunteers that help people. Some of the volunteers are survivors, some are family members of survivors.


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Hello Todd,

We lost our last two general cancer support groups years ago.  I used to volunteer. 

From the local cancer center, I have had help with my lodging near MD Anderson Cancer Center and certain travel.  So far, I have found rides to the local cancer center.  Thank goodness for those people! 

I have been placed behind the eight ball . . . with my life lately.  I need a better computer, a good phone system, and a working car (I MISS MY CAR!!!!!!).  I used to drive with my boyfriend to Dallas and meet with survivors there.  There were spas that loved survivors and would massage for normal price (no cancer discounts).  As far as my boyfriend is concerned, he is broken down like my car and I.  Now, I have been stuck at home far too much

I wish we could bring back those local support groups.  You just know that there are cancer survivors who give massages, who can help clean houses, who can do whatever . . . in the surrounding area.  You just know it! 

I do need to keep Googling to see what new information pops up.  You are right.  I must persist.

Thank you!



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Depending on where you live and what type of healthcare coverage you have, your medical group may be able to do an evaluation and give you referrals for home care, a home health aide, etc. Also (depending upon your age and ability to live independently), social security, senior services, and/or county services may be able to help as well. 

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Hello JerzyGrrl,

My house is a disaster area.  There is clutter everywhere.  I have tried to find someone to help me with that without having my house declared unlivable.  I have to be careful whom I ask for help.  That is so terrible, around the time I attended college, I used to be a maid and a janitor.  I used to be able to clean for hours.  Cancer just kicked my behind and my ability.

I have a HMO through the market (after years of being uninsured).  It is hard to get my appointments set up, and when I do, the doctor is hard to work with.  He (Dr. Won't Listen) would have to refer me to a social worker.  Because I'm under 50, I don't qualify for the programs from the Area Agency on Aging.  Making over $4,000 (net) per year disqualifies a person from other services.  Also, I have been fighting for my Disability since 2005.

I know I need to keep on looking, fighting, and searching.  Sometimes I just hurt and feel soooo tired that I feel stuck.  You know how that is!

I thank you.  You all are telling me to keep on.  I will.



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Hello, Kidney_Cancer_Kid,

I have a few ideas similar to JerzyGrrl's suggestions:

Contact your county or state department of social services, or health care services, or (don't be offended) department of aging

If your town doesn't have an aging-in-place village, ask a local charity (Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, or other non-religious organization) to start one

Would you be willing to take help from student volunteers if they were screened carefully through a program at their high school or college?

If you're a member of a congregation, is there a "Do Good Deeds for People Who Need Help" committee? Or a clergy person who is aware of community resources? (I'm not pushing religion--just thinking of resources that you might have in your life or in your community.) Sometimes clergy have a discretionary fund which they can use to help people facing a short-term difficulty. I know your problems may not be short-term, but they might still be willing to help you once or twice while you look for a longer-term solution.

Crazy long shot: is there a sympathetic public librarian who can help you locate community resources and assistance?

Not-so-crazy long shot: Contact your elected officials (federal, state, county, town). They are there to serve you, even if you didn't vote for them. Their  constituent services staff may have other ideas.

Good luck to you. I hope it gets better.

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I am under 50.  I keep going to the Area Agency on Aging and the 211-Texas offices.  I will continue to check those programs to see if new funding comes around.  I will not give up until they close their doors permanently.

The last time I contacted the government officials of and from Texas . . . I had to pray for them.

The librarians are good ideas!  Laughing   Next month when I catch the bus to the library area (I have to walk from the bus stop to the library), I'll talk with them.  I keep hope alive!

The disability agency contacted the churches in my town and surrounding counties to find help.  One group of college students helped clean my yard.  No other on-going help is available.  For those students, I say "THANK GOD!"  Fines run into the $300 range if you cannot keep your yard clean and trim.

My church, some of the members believe that illness is a punishment from God.  They will not interfere with God's punishment.  I pray for those members. 

I'm a former non-licensed social worker.  I have contacted the only health related social worker to ask if there were others like her in town.  She said the only other medical center in town is looking to hire a SW.  I have calls into MDA Cancer Center and Baylor in Dallas to see what I can do to visit my doctors.  The SWs will continue to look for me.  I have been calling and looking for help since the first cancer in 2003. 

I will continue to look and all suggestions from you guys are WONDERFULL!  I thank you.


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