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Radiation for Stage 4 renal tumors on spinal column

Someone on the renal cancer board suggested a new topic be posted because of interest in metatasis in Stage 4 to the spine. Husband had left kidney removed 8 1/2 years ago at Johns Hopkins, after which he had CT scans yearly all ok. In 2015 a radiologist "overlooked " the fact that a metastasis formed near the spinal column. In 2016 our dr. just ordered a sonogram, as he felt secure it was all ok. About a month ago beginning Feb.2017 husband went for a CT scan as he had back pain. They found a metatasis to the spine that was in the form of lump pressing on the spine on L1 and L2. The mass actually ate a hole through some spots there. We got into an excellent teaching hospital-and husband still having 2 more tests done tomorrow-a PET scan and MRIs. So far other CTs of chest, skeleton, and lymp nodes all good, but who knows what tomorrow will bring with more testing? The oncology neurosurgeon is hoping to first radiate the lumps then use a chemo pill-like sutent, or votrient I think-and then maybe he will have to operate to strenthen the spine. Any comments from members who experienced this kind of situation, or anyone with any experience with clear cell renal mets in stage !V are greatly appreciated. Thank you all for being here. There is a sense of comfort to me everytime I get on this board, and for that I am so grateful.



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    Read some of my history. It may give you a perspective on dealing with spinal mets. I've done well with radiation and drugs. Spinal surgery is out of the question as long as zometa keeps fractures away.

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    Hi Marilyn,

    Hi Marilyn,

    So sorry you are here.  I will share my experience.  My husband has Stage 4 kidney cancer with mets near liver, splean and many little ones in his abdomen.  He was on Votrient for a year.  All his tumors are stable.   Then in June of 2015 they found a met on the Spine.  I think it was call T8.  They did a single of radiation to the spine.  Afterwards he really started to decline and lost 6 pounds in 6 days.  I was trying to feed my husband healthy food.  The doctor said "if he can tolerate Waterburger, give him Waterburger".  It still sounds funny to me but he regained his stregnth eating fast food.  We have gone back Quarterly to check the spine.  THe Oncologist said usually if a met comes back to the spine it will usually be in the 1st year.  I should note that although my husband stregnth came back he went from Short Term Disability to Long Term Disability and is now on Social Security Disablity and I don't think he is going back to work.  This was all following the single dose of radiation.  His field is labor intensive and it was really hard for him to work on the chemo pills.  It zaps his energy and gives him diarrhia.  I also wonder if he is doing better because he can rest more which gives his body time to heal itself.  He naps daily.  But he is in good spirits for the most part and we do go out for a couple hours a couple times a week.  He is well enough to do something for a couple hours, but 8 hours 5 days a week is just not possible.  I hope this helps. Sending Hugs your way!!!!!