My grandma was just diagnosed with stage 4 Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

AVolkert Member Posts: 1

My grandma went into the hospital for what we thought was a Stroke. They did all the normal scans but instead of a stroke it came back that she had a large mass on her right lung that they thought was cancer. A week or so went by with more tests then I ever knew existed, and she in fact did have cancer in her right lung. They said it was stage 4 and they can not operate. Shes 72 and does not want to die yet. She knows the cancer was most likley caused by smoking for 60 years.  She asked how long she had and they told her 10-12 months. I lost it at that. I lost my mother 3 years ago and my grandma is really the only blood family I have left. I guess I would like to know that there is hope that maybe she will live longer. Maybe she will beat it. Any stories or experince would help a lot. Thanks to all and God Bless