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Cervical Cancer survivor, dealing with side effects from surgery and radiation

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I was diagnosed with cervical cancer on Aug 16, on Aug 26 I a radical hysterectomy.  Since that day I have add problems with my bladder and have not had the urge to pee and have very little control of my bladder.  My surgeon said that it would take several months to heal. After my PET scan on Jan 24th, cancer free!, my oncologist said the area of my bladder looks like a "war zone" ( his word).  I do have numbness in the area of the fold of my leg, has not improved since surgery.  I'm going to a urologist this week to see if anything can be done.

Anyone else have this problem?  Did it get better? Was there anything you did to help it heal.  

I thrilled to be cancer free, but don't want to have to wear protection and not to be able to control my bladder the rest of my life

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Hi Jmp 1976. Dealing with side effects of surgery and radiation is quite difficult. I had gone through that situation. I am single and managing all things by myself was also challenging.  I took a home care assistance from Toronto.


I think you need to adjust to the fact that your life won't be the same like before.


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Jmp and jennif - this breaks my heart to hear what you are going through.  People just don't have a clue.  I had a very good friend want to talk to me about her daughter being diagnosed with cervical cancer and I told her it helps to talk to others going through it.  I hope you two continue to help yourself and others by sharing here.  It can be quiet on this board but the ladies on the gyn threads here inspire me so.  We need eachother for advice.

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