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Stage 4 colon cancer: 2 surgeries and 3 bouts 12 round chemos...

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My name is Alisa. In Novdmber of 2012 I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer which has been turned in metastatic stage 4 advanced cancer. I've been through chemo rounds twice and am currently on my 3rd bout. I'm having a hard time not letting cancer be my whole life. I have PTSD about sitting on that chair now and receiving that pump every other week. The cancer side effects really get to me. I read how others are able to tolerate the nausea and fatigue and I don't know if there is more I should Be doing. Mostly I need a community to talk to of people that understand what it is to go through chemo every 18 months and watch your life be put on hold. Does anyone else have that happen? I really appreciate having somewhere to post and I hope I connect with a few other people here. Thanks for taking the moment to read this.

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Hi Alisa and welcome although I'm sorry you're here. I haven't got to the point where you are yet but I can certainly relate to the emotions and fear and worries about the future. I find that now that I have mets in my lung and few options as far as treatment due to being a chemo risk- long story- I am focusing on my death more than I have so far in this battle. Mostly I worry about my daughter, my husband, and my dogs and horse and pray that I'll at least outlive my dogs and horse so that nobody else has to take care of them or make the decision if it's necessary when it's their time.

I tried CBD oil for the past few weeks. My husband wanted me to try cannabis but I'm not into that and I don't beleive it can cure cancer like some people think. I do think some side effects can be helped by it or at least by the CBD which is the property that is helpful and has been proven to help other afflictions in people. Perhaps that might help? I never had the nausea, I just had fatigue. So I slept a lot. It has taken a huge toll on us financially with the work I've had to miss. Cancer affects so many areas of our lives, it's such a crap diagnosis and it never seems to end. It makes me angry and frustrated. I hate it so much.


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Hi Alisa, sorry about all that brings you here. I had the same progression with CC, but they were able to cut it out each time it popped up in my liver, so far. I assume this isn't an option for you, so they have you on ongoing chemo. People here have ways of coping with the side effects, so keep reading, it's a good place for info and support....................Dave


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I'm sorry you are going through this battle. I was just diagnosed in January Stage4 CC Metatasis liver and lungs. I am still chewing on this thing. I just joined the website and am too looking for a friend who understands. 



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I had colon cancer in Feb.2011. I am still fighting it. My last chemo ended in Dec. Had CT scan last week and blood tests. I will be getting results tomorrow. Blood test showed CEA at 48. Went up from 21. I have been drinking a lot of herbal teas and apparently that can increase your CEA.  I have decided not to have anymore chemo and use a cancer diet. If 4 rounds of chemo has not done the job, I don't think anymore will. My system needs a break and I am taking notes on how I progress. I think the CT and PET scans are the only way drs. know how to diagnose cancer. Will let you know how my appt goes tomorrow. Also prayer is very important. If you would like I could help with some verses in the Bible.

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Hi Alisa, my name is John. I've had colon cancer twice. Once at 40 that was in my lower colon. They were able to take it out and some lymph nodes. Had colnoscopies every 3 years and still got colon cancer again at 56. This time stage 4, with mets to liver, ribs, spine, and sacrum. I noticed pain around my back and ribs but the doctor just said it was from my work. I had to get my own CT and the first time nothing showed. 3 months later I went to the ER for the pain this time, and they did another CT scan and it all turned up. Been on chemo for over a year and radiation 2 rounds 10 ea. One of the spinal tumors was pressing on my spinal cord, so that was immediate radiation to stop from being paralyzed. Like yours, my life went from plans to some other plans that aren't plans. You have been going through this a longer while, but already it's such a quick mental change about everything. All the things that mattered so much, especially material things, have gone by the way side. Your forced into living one day at a time, and never know how you going feel that day. Mornings are not the same. I still try to act like I don't have this stupid disease. I'm using CBD oil, and juicing, eating salmon, green vibrance, in shakes, veggies etc. Go to the gym and walk everyday usually. Take a lot of baths, I also got some defussers with essential oils. 

best wishes, 

John V

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Hi Alisakg, I'm sorry you are on this site, but believe me you are amongst friends here. We all know about the
fear and unrest you are feeling. Everyone on here has a little different story, but so much in common. I too have a different
story which I hope will help you find some peace. My story is entitled "How I Beat Stage Four Colon Cancer." If you care to read it, it's on my blog. God bless you in your journey. blessed39

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