Hi to everyone,

     Sorry to use the forum for a personal nature but I wanted to answer everyone since we also got some personal messages, and I don't want to use that long thread, so I started the new one.  We evacuated a week ago tonight, it took us over 4 hours to go 50 miles.  We pulled our 5th wheel and ended up parked in the street in front of a friend of a friend's house in Sacramento.  The next day we went to an RV park in the foothills nearby.  Although the evacuation has been lifted, it is still considered an emergency condition.  We have extended our trip a couple times due to storms.  We were going to leave tomorrow but have extended again until Wed as there is a big storm coming tomorrow and Tues.  The problem is that when they started releasing water from the main spillway, it created a big hole, so they had to use the emergency spillway which has now started to erode.  They have been using it anyway and have now released 50 ft.  Hopefully the danger is over, but it's a little unnerving to have both spillways damaged and they will need to be repaired.  At any rate since we are retired, we have the luxury of staying put.  We will go home Wed as long as nothing happens with these new storms.  Another thing is that in between our city and another city runs the Feather River surrounded by a levee system.  That is where the water from Oroville Dam goes.  Since 1986 the levees have broken and flooded part of the other town twice.  The other worry is the snow melt when it warms up.  When we get home we will leave the 5th wheel ready to go.  Thank you all for your concern, I have written this twice before on my tablet and it wouldn't go through.  Now I am hoping the laptop will send it.

Thinking of you all and thank you again,

Bill & Becky




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    Stay Safe

    It is a terrible situation out there. I am glad to hear you are safe. Hopefully once the weather improves they can fix the spillways and levees.