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Kidney Stent - How does Chemo affect it

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I have a kidney stent and am now getting regular chemo.  Have experienced a lot of discomfort with the kidney stent, which is replaced every 3 months, but now with chemo, find more irritation.  Has anyone else experienced this?  They tell me that the chemo leaving my body would NOT irritate the ureter but I question this.  Thanks

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I had a left ureter stent (caused by a blockage near my bladder from HDR Brachytherapy).  I had developed hydroureternephrosis which resulted in my kidney starting to atrophy and shrink.   Luckily we caught it in time.  I had the replacement stents every 3 months (which is a pain) and I too like you had discomfort with it in.  However, I can't tell you about chemo because I was well done with my treatment before getting my stent in.   I do know that when I had my stent in I always felt something on my left side and I always had a slight discomfort mainly after I was done urinating.

I did however in December of 2015 have a ureter reimplantment surgery.   My ureter was also passing through a soft tissue mass so they gather as much of the ureter as possible and clipped it there and then reimplanted it in my bladder.   It is good not having to have the stents.

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