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5 Year NED Colonoscopy

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Hi All,

I had my 5-year NED on 1/31/17 but had the colonoscopy a few weeks later (insurance reasons).

I am very happy to report all is well - colon was clear, clean and beautiful.

My history: I was Dx'ed in 2012 with stage 3b signet cell colon cancer.  Sugery and chemo (5fu and oxi).

I am a cancer survivor.  My favorite sentence.

My best to you all - keep fighting the fight!


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So very, very happy for you. 

Here is my lovely little freind, Happy Dancing Man, to help in your celebrations.

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Posts: 715
Joined: Mar 2012

I just love that crazy dancing guy.  And that's exactly how I feel!

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oh well done!!!!! what absolutley good news....mags

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keep up good work man, it's good thing to see that therapy works, gives all of us newlly diagnosed great hope.

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Your's is a great suvivor story, especially with the signet cell variant. Enjoy your time and freedom................................Dave

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One word only "Wooohoooo".

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