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Kidney Function and Weight

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Four months ago I went on a food and exercise plan to lose weight. I've lost nearly 31 pounds. One of the things I did not expect was that my kidney function has improved. I didn't think that was possible. My creatinine went from 1.6-1-9 range, to 1.44. In 4 1/2 years with one kidney I never saw a number under 1.6 no matter how well hydrated I was. My last 2-3 kidney function tests have been under 1.5.

My oncologist always orders my CT scans with contrast based on my creatinine, but for so many years it wasn't under 1.5 that I wasn't eligible for the contrast. I got in the habit of telling them not to wait on the blood test because I wasn't going to be able to have the contrast. On my last scan, I only found out a week later that I was eligible for the constrast.

I didn't think losing weight could improve your kidney function.

Still learning and growing even as an old man.

Other good news, I'm going to be a grandpa! First grandchild. Still early, but I was happy when I heard it that I cried. That's a rare thing for me to be happy to the point of tears, but there it was. After the cancer I really didn't think I'd live to see a grandchild. Now it looks like I might.

I read more than I post these days. Just to let you guys know, I'm still here and reading about you and what's going on with you and wishing you all well. I don't have as much time to post and many times I feel like others already said what I wanted to say and I didn't have anything to add, or I wasn't sure what to say because I lacked the information or wisdom. Still, I'm cheering you all on.



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I also had the same results after losing weight, I lost 30 pounds dieting in 2014 and another 30 pounds over the past 4 months after a bout of pnemonia. My creatine went from 1.6 to 1.2-1.3. Ny gfr has improved froom the upper 30''s  to mid 50's. I now weigh what I weighed 40 years ago.



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If I remember right you were not only on a diet plan, but also exercising more.  It makes sense that you'd see your body respond in a positive way to your healthier lifestyle.  Congratulations, Todd.  Both to your fitness change, but also on becoming a grandpa. 


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Congrats all around, to your weight loss, the improved creatine level, and the coming grandchild :)

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Fabulous news, Todd! On your weight loss AND becoming a grandfather!! I am envious. I don't think I will be blessed with having a grandchild...but maybe someday I will be pleasantly surprised! But I can understand your emotional response. Your grandchild will be blessed to have you as a grandfather.

And the weight loss! For you AND Iceman! Good for you. You guys have inspired me. Although I eat healthy, and do watch what I eat....I must confess it isn't as good as it should be. It is always a battle, isn't it? But to hear how well your body responds is very encouraging.




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YAAAY Todd and Iceman!! Always benefits with weight loss, but I didn't know it help to improve kidney function too!

And congrats on that little one coming, Todd! You'll have a gift that surpasses any negativity! Amazing how a little one can bring you such JOY just be their being!

As far as reading posts and not posting as much, did you ever think, WE regulars, would love to know HOW YOU ARE DOING? We care!

Hugs Grandpa!


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Way to go, Todd and Iceman!!  It's amazing how great losing weight can be, health-wise. 

Some years ago, I got tired of being asked at my annual physical, "So -- When are you going to lose weight? Or are you looking forward to Type 2 diabetes?" (All the women on my mother's side of the family seem to celebrate middle age or menopause by acquiring Type 2 diabetes, and that's where I was in life, so as long as I was chunky it was kind of a given...). So, I finally went to Weight Watchers. They pointed out that losing just 10% of your weight had MAJOR health benefits. I could sure tell that I was feeling better at the 10% point.  I don't go to their meetings any more, but I lost the weight and have kept it off.  If I can do it (My middle name used to be "A Pint of Ice Cream, That's One Serving, Right? Where's a Spoon?"), others can do it, too.  Yes, it's hard work, but it's worth it. It's absolutely DE-lightful to know that it makes the kidneys happier, too. 

I have grandkids. They were definitely worth celebrating (including tears of joy), too. Definitely!

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I'll add my recommendation here for low carb dieting as well as occasional fasting to lose weight.  It doesn't suit everyone but for many it is revolutionary.  It was for me.

I've been reading about kidney care in life.  I have had heart disease and T2 diabetes. These don't combine well with kidney disease.   I don't have ckd but I will really need to be careful with my lifestyle to avoid it for as long as possible.


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I was told to lose weight and your post helps motivate me

I also worry that if this thing went bad i would miss walking my daughter down the aisle or being a grandpa. Im so happy that you got to experience that. I look for to it also................A LONG TIME DOWN THE ROAD.....lol


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Todd, I had to post again on this thread. I kept thinking about it all weekend and shared it with my wife. (she knows I post on here some lately but i dont discuss it much with her because she needs a mental break from this talk and some of what I talk about here might bring her down). Your story was insprational and fun to share. It must be so joyous to be a grandpa. My daughter is only 20 and still in college and unmarried, but its something I really look forward too and plan to be here for when the time is right.

also I weighed  in today and lost over 4 pounds this week. Thinking of adding a fewa years to my life by losing weight and being here for a gandchild seemed more real and less abstract when you posted it.

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....of what YOU want to be called.  LOL  The possibilities are practically endless.  Some of our grandkids call us Nana & Papa, some call us Grandma & Grandpa H, some Grandma Donna & Grandpa Jim. 

Congratulations on both counts. 

God Bless,


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