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2 primarys diagnosed-uterine and fallopian

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I am here fighting for my mother Ellen who was diagnosed with Uterine and Fallopian cancer in 2015. She had 3 roulds of carbo/taxel. The cancer is recurrent and her docs cannot offer her any more help. I am searching for clinical trials and I just wanted to know if may anyone has heard of a trial covering 2 primaries. I keep getting responses that she is inelegible because of the 2 primaries. I am waiting to hear back for 2 or 3 trials,but i just cant give up. I feel like its my duty continue this search....exhaust all options. I just needed to talk about this...

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I am so glad you found us.  There are a lot of ladies who have amazing information here.  I am SO very sorry to hear about your mother Ellen and all you both have obviously been going through.  I'm so glad she has you.

If someone isn't along shortly, they normally are, you can try using the search tool- I would put in trial and see what comes up.  I recall someone recently posting about trials.  I wish I had more information for you.

What I do have is a warm welcome and assurance that you are in the right place- we are here for you and your mom and we're willing to walk along with you on your journey.  Sending prayers and big ole (((HUGS))) 

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Go on to SmartPatients. They are an excellent site for technical data regarding trials. 

Best of luck. 

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Lisa, have you looked into the NCI-Match and NCI-MPACT Trials? They're actively seeking those with rare cancers. Good luck to you and your Mom. Kim

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