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PSA now 0.82!!!! WTF????

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I am the 85 YO guy who in 2011 had a PSA of 300 with multiple widespread matastases (bone) over 75% of my body.  Needless to say, the outlook was pretty hopeless.  I took bicalutimide for a year, which I would not do again, and got an orchiectomy.  The first year was very, very difficult.  About 18 months ago, I got my Psa checked and it came back 1.17, which I thought was a miracle.  I also thought that I would NEVER, EVER get another PSA!  I mean, after all, you can only get disapointed  with the result of a new test! Surely the new result will be higher and not lower.  And, even if it goes higher, I am not going to do anything about it, so why take a test?  Well, I did take a new PSA test, and it came back O.82!!!!  I am getting down to the level with the guys who have no prosate and no PSA!  I have never heard of an old man, even one with NO prostate cancer who has a Psa of 0.82.  Time to celebrate!!! (oh, I forgot - I celebrate anyway)

      Death at my age is not much of a tragedy in any case.   Many people with stage 4 cancer do ANYTHING, regardless of side effects, to stay alive.  They call it "life extension."  Most of the time it is not life extension.  It is postponement of death for a short while, usually with very upleasant side effects in health and in the pocketbook.  So, I would like to share my idea of death.  First, lets look at what dies.  My mind dies.  Well, I am most certainly NOT my mind.  I call my mind the Snake, after the Snake in Adam and Eve, who got thrown out of the Garded of Eden for listening to the Snake.  I have certainly learned NOT to listen to the Snake, and everyone has their own Snake.  So Snake dies - no loss there.  And my body dies.  Well, I am certainly NOT my body.  So what dies is WHAT I AM NOT- not my body and not my mind.  What DOES NOT DIE is WHAT I AM.  So, now you may ask, "what is the I am?"  What goes on eternally is:


      I think maybe that is some food for thought.  As for my "death" I will celebrate that in the same way I celebrate my cancer.  Everything that come into my life comes for my benefit.  I will celebrate it all.

Love, Swami Rakendra

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But, ..... I congratulate what you are NOW, not what is missing from what you were. You may want to celebrate the disgusting missing too that has given you this opportunity of celebration but it doesn't exist anymore so why to include it in your joy.

I am thrilled for the news. It proves that your approach to the problem is correct. Positive attitude and your Mr. Davao affairs is leading your path to glory. Best wishes for further drops,

'magsaya sa'


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Finally, we agree totally.  love, Swami Rakendra

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Very good news, congrats...............

Dave 3+4

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Lao-Tzu wrote in ancient China: "The Tao that can be understood is not the eternal Tao." Thomas Aquinas and all of the medievals wrote that "the soul is the eternal form of the body." The body and the brain were known as "accidentals; non-essential", temporary fixtures.

You view has dominated most of human history and thought.  Sadly, it is seldom spoken in our materialist day. Even the pagan Roman Stoics had a similar view.

Your PSA story is indeed amazing, but I have a friend around 75 now who had a positive biopsy about ten years ago. Today his PSA is around 2, and none of his biopsies can detect any cancer cells at all. He has never received any form of treatment.



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Congrats from me too.

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I am so happy for you, Rakendra.  I will definitely toast to your great news tonight with a glass of red wine.

Will Doran
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Congratulations.  That's great news.  Keep fighting the GOOD FIGHT.

Love, Peace and God Bless


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