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My Rchop Dose Reduced to 70%

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Hello My name is Nitesh 30 year Male, My height is 161 centimeter and weight is 53kg. I had a bisospy in my left armpit and found that I have Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) Stage 2-B. My onco has suggest me for 6 cycles of Rchop after every 3 week with no radiation therapy.


My rchop dose are as follows;-

Rituximab -600 mg

Cyclophosphamide -1100 mg

Doxorubicin -75 mg

Vincristine -2mg

prednisone -100mg.


Can anyone tell me if Im having a proper dose according to my height and weight. As my 4th cycle of rchop is reduced to 70% due to low WBC count . Do I even need a radiotherapy.

4th cycle Dose are as follows:-

Rituximab -600 mg

Cyclophosphamide -350 mg

Doxorubicin -40 mg

Vincristine -2mg

Prednisone -100mg.

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Hello Nitesh,

and welcome to the forum. We are all lymphoma patients, providing each other support and general information, and while some of us have some understanding of our disease and treatment, I believe no one here is in a position to establish a diagnosis or assess your treatment.

I would strongly advise you to turn to your doctor if you feel concerned about the way your treatment is being conducted.


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Very good questions but as PBL already said they are best asked of your Dr. 

I will say that I did 6 cycles of Rchop and the white count would go down but the day after the treatment I would get a shot of Neulasta to boost teh white cell growth.  I believe their may be some alternative drugs that do the same thing. When you talk to your Dr ask about getting a drug to help the white cell counts increase. 


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