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multiple myeloma

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Multiple myeloma


My dad was just diagnosed with this... He has a tumor on forehead that went through the bone. Also affected; one vertebrae, wrists, left hip, right arm, front and back of skull. 

I'm nervous and scared as he is still recovering from treatment of nasal cancer in 2013.  

Can anyone tell me any experiences with this? Doc thinks it's highly treatable, but it doesn't make things less scary.

He has a biopsy of bone marrow in left hip on Monday... hate for him to go through all of this...

Thanks in advance. Any advice is appreciated.

Doc talked like he may have to take chemo pill and chemo shots.

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I see that you posted back in February, so I hope you see this.

The Doc is right.  Multiple myeloma is highly treatable and the newer treatments are very effective for many people.  I had four fractured vertebrae in my back when I was diagnosed in 2015.  I was very sick, and I am much better now.  

The biopsy will help the doctor determine how advanced the multiple myeloma is and also what treatments might be best for your dad,

Multiple myeloma attacks bones, but it isn’t really a bone cancer; it’s a cancer of the bone marrow, similar to leukemia, but affecting plasma cells rather than red blood cells.  The cancerous plasma cells release chemicals that damage bones.  There are treatments for it that attack the cancerous plasma cells and also treatments that strengthen bones.  Both types of treatments really help, and there are other treatments, too, like stem cell transplants.  There is a great Web site dedicated to providing advice and information to multiple myeloma patients and their caregivers:  www.myelomabeacon.com.

Good lick to your dad and to you.  G-d bless you.

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