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What the heck??

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My urologist referred me to an oncolgist to get genetic testing done. I had my first appointment with him yesterday and I am wishing I had not gone at all. He is sending me for a PET scan because on my pre-surgery nephroctomy CT scan they saw a mass within the anterior medisatinum that the urologist told me was "most likely" nothing and they would check again when I got my follow up CT in June. 

The oncologist thinks it might be "something" considering my history- Hashimoto's disease (thyroid), Pituitary tumor, and kidney cancer. He specifically brought up the thymus. I googled to see what that was and was dismayed to learn it is another gland. I've not had such great luck in the gland department, so now I am worried that he is right and there is something there. 

Waiting for them to call me to set up the PET scan, nervous as heck. I was really starting to feel like the worst was behind me, now I am thrown into utter turmoil all over again. I don't want to go get the PET scan, but hopeful this scan will just show them that there is nothing else wrong with me anywhere, but at the same time the feeling of dread is coming back. 

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Now I am so sorry you are going through this, but worry? NOT!

Why waste your energy now on "what ifs?" I know, I know, easier said than done. The unknown is a killer and so is stress=literally~ so...breathe...breathe..breathe..So remember, you still have control over your attitude! You have met a wonderful doctor who wants to help you.

Pet scan is a great idea I think. You'll have a more definitive knowledge from a doctor who wants to cover all bases. THAT is a good thing!

Yes, you were thrown a sudden curve but we'll be here for you..all.. the..way!!

Sending you serene thoughts and calming vibrations..now go do something FUN!

Hugs, Jan

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But much easier said than done. I didn't expect any of the issues I already have, I can't imagine having another problem. And waiting is the absolute worst!

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in mind that you are going through the process of ensuring your future health and life. This is the best thing you could ever do for yourself. Get excited about it. It is how us old timers keep from going crazy. Some of us have been dealing with things like this for years. You can do it. It is a learned response. It is about attitude. It isn't always easy but it becomes a much better way to live. After a certain point in life we are not in Kansas anymore. But if you believe, it is much easier. Now besides all that, Good luck. Positive thoughts.

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Foxy...This is the best post that I've ever read on here!! I know you were reaching out to the person above but you also have helped me as well. I have scans on Sunday and results on Monday and I am so nervous. I really want to turn that around and view it in a positive way. I love your advice and I'm going to take it to heart. Thank you sooo much, Fox.  Hugs, Panda

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I totally understand and feel where your coming from. It was a very similar scenario that brought me to this board. I was diagnosed in late September and had the right kidney taken out in October. i knew i had my fist follow up CT scan in January, I felt if that was clean I could start to put this behind me and aside from a few discreet CT scans a year that i could be out of this "club" and forget about it and they can forget about me.

Last week i met an oncologist who said some pretty harsh and stupid stuff. I dont like him and wont go back but I did go through with all the tests he perscribed today (more CT's, MRI of the brain, bone scan, x-ray, blood work). While the tests and his beside manner suck whats been hardest for me is recognizing that this cancer "Club" is like hotel california, I "can check out but I can never leave". That doesnt mean im going to die or quit living life to the fullest, it just means in the last week i have come to accept that I need to have a new lifestyle of testing and awareness to insure i live a long time. Just like people with diabetes do.


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Props for the Hotel California reference. Nice!

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I think you nailed it with that thought.

You live differently yet still live well.

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Echoing that sentiment, I'm sorry you're going through this, too.  I went to another physician whose "thing" was MRIs. So I got to stress (or not) over that. One. More. Scan.

Some physicians prefer different imaging things because that's what they prefer.  It may be "their" thing, or that whatever-it-is they're looking at or for shows up better with a different technique and technology. 

You might think of it as just another guidebook. Going on a vacation? There's the AAA Tourbooks, Fodor's, Frommer's, Rick Steves, Michelin, Lonely Planet... Depends upon what the adventurer is looking for and comfortable with...

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I am trying to accept it, since I cannot change it. Who knows? Maybe this guy is just overly cautious and once this stupid PET scan is over, I will learn there is NOTHING else wrong? I really do try to be positive like that, but can't help backslide a bit sometimes. I have dealt with a lot of "bad" news and disappointment. I never expected to hear any of the news I already have! 


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