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Hello I'm still here

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Just stopping in to say I'm still here,,stage 4 colon , overy, lymph in 2004. Have not been on the discussion board for quite a long time,,but I'm still kicking for better or worse lol. 

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It is such a joy to see long time survivors posting.  

Congratualtions on being NED for so long.  We have lost so many friends on the forum, that it is wonderful to hear that this curse is survivable. 


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Canadian Sandy
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Joined: Jul 2016

I love your picture Tru! Nice looking couple.

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Posts: 5461
Joined: Jan 2013

You have made my day. 


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Joined: Nov 2016

this is great, the disease is beatable, or at least becoming liveable.


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There you go, more proof that this **** is beatable, 13 years and going strong, I assume, but going either way. People with crc need to hear this, if for nothing else the hope it brings. Life is based on a certain amount of faith, for humans anyway, so why not believe it can happen?......................Dave

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Joan M
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Joined: Oct 2016

Thank you for sharing your survival success story!  I love seeing so many on this forum who have won the battle for so long against this terrible disease. 

Please keep posting. Hope to hear you are still beating it for another 13 (or 30) years!

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tina dasilva
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That's so good so happy to hear

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Glad to hear you're still around.  Hope you're doing well.  Traci

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Canadian Sandy
Posts: 707
Joined: Jul 2016

Happy to here your doing so well. Congrats!

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It has been a while , good to see you here. Nice to see you as well Tina, Hugs Ron.

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Thank you for posting and congratulations! Newly diagnosed people with stage four need to see posts like this. We all do. Hope is so very important!

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