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Pulsatile tinnitis

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Good morning....I am wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with pulsatile tinnitis/tinnitis.....I am post radiation to neck for hodgkins lymph 37 years ago....thank you

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this needs to be looked into.

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I have had the condition, primarily on the left side, since age 18 when I was near a large explosion. Sometimes the whooshing sound is so loud it keeps me awake. Other times it's barely noticeable. It comes and goes, always there but sometimes more bothersome than others. It definitely interferes with hearing low volume sounds. Don't ever expect to get used to it. Dr. Told me there are many, many possible causes. It is a condition, not a disease. Lymphoma tumor could possibly cause it as could shrinking of the blood vessels in the middle ear from radiation treatments. Chances are good it has nothing to do with your lymphoma or the treatments. Just consider it your cross to bear and tolerate it as best you can. I tried several drugs and even cold laser treatments which had no effect at all. Sorry for the glum report. It can make you a little crazy sometimes. 

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