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ALL ph+ at 65yrs

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Hi - new to this group as my mum has just been diagnosed & stared chemo on a 21 day cycle. I would love to hear of others in a similar age group who have battled this. My mums prognosis isn't good due to her age but she seems to be handling the chemo fine. The main issue seems to be the steroids making her manic and has caused insomnia so she has no strength to fight as she's not slept in days. 

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Hi, I'm 58 years old with ALL B cell and ph+ too.  I took my 21 days of chemo with only minor problems.  For my ph+ Dasatinib or Sprycel (brand name) to keep it controlled.  When they tried to give me the more harsh chemo my body contracted 3 different bacteria and I almost died.  After their second try and I had a similar reaction, they stopped my chemo and determined I couldn't take anymore. Here's my miracle.   After only 2 1/2 weeks I was in remission with only 0.02 in my bone marrow.  Then after they stopped my chemo I was in complete Remission.  0 out of 1 million cells (no cancer found). Now I only take my Sprycel and will finish my spinal cord injections (8 total, 3 more to go). A study in Italy showed the same survivors rate with just Sprycel  as with full chemo regime.  I'm also using cannabis oil to strengthen my immune system and taking Vitamins C, Dec and B12 complex.  I hope my information helps in some small way.

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Hi Miraclemade

Your experience is triggered hope in us. My husband is diagnosed with ALL PH positive. He is 48 and we are based in India. 

How is your health now? I would like to know more from your experience. We are confused and anxious.


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