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New and pain relief

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Over Christmas I went to the ER with pneumonia. One thing led to another after tests an come to find out I have a 3.3 cm growth in my right kidney. They tell me the 'thick septations', etc make it a renal carcinoma. I guess that explains the terrible pain in my side and the few times I have had brow urine. I have spoken with three doctors and on Tuesday meet with the urological surgeon. 

They are planning on a partial nephrectomy.  I am nervous because the MRI showed many small liver and spleen cysts. I am going to ask about a PET scan. Normally those cysts wouldn't be of concern but coupled with the cancer????
What do you think I should get for pain management?  Currently I take 2x30mg ms contin/day with 3x5mg Oxycodone for break through pain for by spine. I have been on this dose for eight years and never wanted increased but by side pain is getting out of control. I am mostly concerned they won't be able to control my pain after surgery because I have been taking narcotics for so long. I have had multiple spine surgeries and bilateral knee replacements from arthritis. 
At 58 it sucks getting older
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As far as Kidney Cancer ypo are starting with what appears to be a small tumor with surgery likely to be a full and final cure. As far as your pain issues I would be seeking help getting you off all those pian medications rather than on new ones as that may be a bigger problem in the long run. As for the cysts they are often common and harmless and you need to ask your doctors for their opinion.




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Sorry to hear about your situation but you are in a good place since your tumor is so small your chances of a full recovery are great.  As for pain once you get the tumor out chances are there will be no more.  I would never give advice on pain meds that is a question for your medical team and you.  Good luck with the surgery.


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I had a 1.7cm lesion (when it was finally removed after 2+ years of monitoring it) in my right kidney.  But my CT scan had shown quite a few cysts ibandan my left kidney.  The urologic oncologist said that the cysts were quite common and they weren't anything to worry about.

As for the pain, if you're having a partial, there's a pretty good chance it will be laparoscopic (minimally invasive) and possibly use robotics.  If that's the case, the amount of pain is generally pretty minimal.  I had that procedure and I had a little bit of discomfort, but almost no pain.  I'd recommend holding off on amassing a warchest of pain meds until you actually need them.  The medical staff at the hospital will be able to help you out in that regard.

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Mine was an open partial and while I wouldn't want to do it again, it wasn't nearly as painful as I feared. I was up walking the night of the surgery and home in two days. On day three I was sitting at my computer doing work (from home). I only used the pain meds for about ten days then switched to tylenol when needed. I guess everyone is different where pain is concerned but I was dreading the open procedure yet it was very managable pain wise. Discuss the med issue with them prior to your surgery.

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'Mine was an open partial and while I wouldn't want to do it again, it wasn't nearly as painful as I feared.' Wise words. At this moment your imagination is not your friend.

Nothing is as bad as we imagine it ,especially when its called Cancer! I had the whole kidney removed and my tumour was 10cm, so yours is a bit of a tiddler.

Ask your oncologists about your cysts. They will take you seriously and do their best to help you with your fears.

As for pain relief Iceman is right to say that youre taking a lot already and you'll probably have to discuss a new regime with your doctor. I got Morphine after the operation, opiate derivatives for maybe a week after the operation going down to Tramadol atfterwards.

Sorry your hear but you've come to a good place. We've all been through what youre going through. Good luck

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i can say from having my right Kidney and a huge tumor removed I wanted and needed Narcotics for a week or more after my surgery. I was cut from my sternun to hip and had 46 staples. My docs did try different Narcotics on me both in the hosptital and when i was recovering at home. Some they expected would work fine and seemed to do nothing and some worked great. I think its very personal and you have to feel confident your doc will work with you. however i would add that it was my experience and i was told by many medical people in my family to take as little as you can to handle the pain and to try and ween yourself off if you can by taking them in ever increasing windows between dosages that you can stand. the sooner you can work down to tylenol the better. There are things internally that just dont work the same and start moving and working correctly while you have narcotics in your system. I had the advantage of great surgeons and a mother who recently retired as a surgery nurse after 40 years.

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My radical nephrectomy on Monday turned out a bigger operation than planned.  But the lack of pain surprised me too.

Maybe I just wasn't feeling it because they had me on the good stuff.

When I got the magic button I liked playing with it but there were (I think) many times I left it unclicked.

My worst pain and discomfort was from the bloating.

The best thing about the button was how well it helped me to doze off.

Now I'm only on something that dissolves under the tongue 3 times a day and paracetamol if I ask for it.

The pain management team said they had lots of options.

'Just scream?', I asked.




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