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6 week post op PSA results

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Just got my PSA results todday as it is the 6 week result as my Dr. says to give us a PSA marker post sergery. it is  >0.01 he said that is considered as undetectable and that we will start to do the PSA test every 3 months for a year then go to every 4 months for a year then every 6 mos for two years. but if it starts to raise that we will start doing it every 6 to 8 weeks. Is this the normal protocol ? anyways i am very happy and optimistic but in the back of my mind is wonder how long it will be before it starts raising again as my Kidney levels are in the high zone and we want to figure out what is going on with that next. He did a full kidney panel test and the EGFR was raised again at 117.5 guess normal is about 60 or so . He said it might just be high due to the prostate cancer and also due to the Gallbladder surgery and stents they put in and just removed.

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