Withholding Information! Please Help!

IleneSme Member Posts: 1

The day before Thanksgiving my sister was diagnoised with a Brain Tumor on her Right Temporal Lobe.

They did surgery to remove the tumor and sent it out for biopsy.  It came back adenocarcinoma she had additional test done and found a tumor on her lung.  She has had WBRT.  But, in the middle of the WBRT they had to stop because the tumor on her lung was against her superior Venacava.  So they did gama knife to the tumor on her lung. Due to the fact that her cancer is in her lymph nodes.    They Went to arizona to CTCA and the only theing they did there was drain fluid off her lung.  They were going to put a port in for Chemo but couldnt do it because she has blood clots.  So they went back home.    She started Chemo This week.  I have no Idea of a prognoises.   I have traveled home twice in the past month to see her.  Which is very far and very expensive.  Once for 1 week and another for 2 weeks.  Her husband is being very withholding of Information.  I have read on line that she may only have a short time to live. Please can someone give me an Idea.  Good or Bad!!!  I need to know if I should be planning another trip.  Thank You in advance I